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What Tuckpointing Contractors Chicago can tell
You About Interior Brick adaptation

It must be recognized that with the infrastructure change occurring in Chicago, a completely different type of interior and exterior design has been progressively becoming more available; and when it comes to brickwork, that’s no exception. Thanks to its robustness, texture variation, and contrast with the smooth surface, the exposed bricks layout has become a new, most-requested trend among masonry contractors, including Delta Masonry Tuckpointing, due to the fact that it emits a resemblance of an infrastructure’s history, especially older buildings. 

What do you do with an interior brick wall?

With the implementation of exposed brick design on the structure’s interior or exterior facades, people now have the opportunity to experiment with different, daring or contemporary designs in order to create a living space that is authentic, aside from usual ones.

The same can be said regarding the furniture, since a combination of wooden and metal furniture can be made in order to give your environment a soft and warm touch, but with an updated twist.

Can an indoor brick wall be made?

While it is possible to remove plaster from your home’s interior walls and find attractive bricks that can blend into the room’s appearance, it should be noted that these particular bricks were designed for construction purposes and not for decorative ones such as exposed brick. Therefore, they are more susceptible to damp conditions and deterioration.
Because of that, masonry contractors near me Chicago advise people that although brickwork and sealing procedures can be done to condition them and extend their lifespan, it is not recommended due to concerns of compromising the structure.

Delta Masonry Tuckpointing offers painting of brick walls

If you are looking for a company that performs the tedious job of painting your brick walls after a masonry restoration job, worry no more as our company is always ready to do the task and we can gladly explain our process for any particular task.

Before proceeding with the paint job, we’ll need to implement a primer on the brick wall, which will allow the paint to adhere easily to it and at the same time, proceed to block dust and chips. When it dries completely (following the primer’s instructions), then the base pain will be applied. It should be ensured that the base paint is white.

Subsequently, a second coat will be added to the brick walls with the paint of your choice, but which must follow certain criteria. If it is exterior, the paint must be masonry and porous, since it has a special formula to fill cracks, add an extra layer of protection and allow the wall to breathe. If it is indoors, the paint must also be porous and have an acrylic/latex combination.

Can you add exposed bricks to a wall?

Although it is possible to add external exposed bricks, several masonry experts recommend against this practice due to the fact that the result of these works are not generally favorable, as well as they can take away valuable space from the room.

Therefore, it can result in expensive masonry repair work. However, a cosmetic fascia or wall siding can be a more practical, economically viable option in order to add an authentic touch of brickwork to even the most modern homes, a trend that is becoming increasingly prevalent in converted or rebuilt properties.

If you want to know more information about our masonry works and receive advice, you can contact our communications department, who will be happy to assist you.