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Delta C. Tuckpointing is a professional residential and commercial tuckpointing, chimney repair, concrete, brick repair, and powerwashing service provider. From brick repairs to chimneys to tuckpointing and even to laying sidewalks and repairing concrete steps we can meet all of your brick, chimney, tuckpointing, and concrete repair, installation, and maintenance needs. We service Northern Chicagoland, Downtown, the Northern and Western Suburbs, as well as the North Shore.

We are family owned and operated employing 3 generations of our family and we pride ourselves on our honest and friendly approach towards our customers as well as on our expertise and high quality of work. If you have a masonry nearby Chicago located project that you're thinking of doing give us a call and we will have someone over right away to give you a quote on your work. All of our estimates and consultations are free of charge and come with no pressure or obligation.

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We are a local company serving home and business owners with masonry and tuckpointing services for years. We would like to encourage you to check our portfolio and to contact us If you are interested in restoring your property, our team is always eager to help.

Kindly give us a call or fill in the contact form, we will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible. We will arrive at your place to provide you with a free estimate.

We work everywhere in the Northern Chicagoland area from the Loop up to the Northern Suburbs and all the way up to our headquarters in the North Shore. Are you looking for an appointment? Just give us a call at 847 482-1800 or email us at .

Check our Professional Tuckpointing & Masonry Near Me Services and why Delta Masonry & Tuckpointing is the best choice for you!


When it comes to your masonry near Chicago work, our masons are the ones that you can count on. With our masonry restoration, we provide the highest quality of work at an affordable price. Our company will ensure that your home will look good as new and will be protected from any weather conditions.


We are one of the best tuckpointing companies in the area for years. Our tuckpointers are equipped with the latest knowledge and tools to ensure that your home or business is protected from any weather conditions that it may face. We provide the highest quality of tuckpointing to give the best outcome possible!

Chimney Repair

Over time your chimney will crumble, and we are the ones that can provide you with chimney repair services. Our masons can handle any type of chimney restoration that you may need. We also offer chimney flashing so that your home or business will be protected from any weather conditions it may face.

Brick Repair

At our company, we will ensure that your brickworks are at its top shape, which will make your home protected from any weather conditions it may face. When it comes to your brick repair, we are the masons that can get it done for you. Give us a call today!

Interior Brickwork

Whether your exposed brickwork needs a face lift, chimney firebox needs repair, or your brick foundation in your basement needs attention, our masonry crews are experienced to maximize the results, but minimize the dust! We make sure that the inside of your home is not only structurally sound, but stunning for years to come.

Commercial Masonry

Having over 30+ years of experience, we understand the difficulties of owning commercial property. From replacing lintels, structural beams, re-facing storefronts, limestone replacement, re-building parapet wall, and much more. Our masonry nearby Chicago crews ensure your place of business is protected from any weather conditions, and is back to original beauty. We provide the highest quality of masonry service to help maintain your business.

What should you know about Masonry & Tuckpointing Nearby Chicago


Our masonry nearby Chicago company provides structural and decorative masonry work for your home. We provide services such as masonry restoration and masonry repairs. Our masons work with any style of brick, block, or stone in all different phases of construction. We take pride in the outstanding service that we provide to our customers. Our masons pay attention to details to ensure that you will get the best outcome possible. With our company, you can have bricks that will look good as new. We will ensure that your experience with us will be as smooth as possible from start to finish. Contact us so that we can start the masonry work that you have always wanted for your home. It will not only be beautiful, and it will last for years!


If you are looking for the best tuckpointing companies, well look no further. Our tuckpointing nearby Chicago located crews have been providing outstanding services for years, which helped them achieve the proper knowledge and skills to provide the best service to our customers. Our company will make sure that you will get top-notch tuckpointing near Chicago services at an affordable price. We ensure to use the highest quality of materials so that your home will be protected from any weather conditions it may face. Contact us today!

Get an early start on the 2024 Tuckpointing Season

We are currently scheduling our early tuckpointing, masonry, concrete, and brick and chimney repair projects for spring of 2023. Contact us today to start discussing your project and to reserve some of the first time slots in our schedule! We can take care of all of your exterior repairs – from tuckpointing near Chicago service to brick repairs to chimney repairs and even to door and window projects.

Why You Should Trust Delta Masonry & Tuckpointing Contractors For Your Tuckpointing Near Me Project

Delta Tuckpointing & Masonry has been providing outstanding masonry and tuckpointing nearby Chicago services for years. Our masons are the professionals that will make sure that your structure is sturdy and can withstand any weather conditions that it faces. When it comes to the best tuckpointing companies in the area, we are it!

Years of Experience

We have been providing tuckpointing and masonry services for 35 years. We take pride in every project that we do, which allows us to provide the highest quality of work to our customers.

Finish Projects On Time

Our tuckpointers and masons start and finish the project on time. We have a keen eye for details and ensure that masonry restoration is done efficiently and exceeds your expectations.

High Quality of Work

With our years of experience, our tuckpointers and masons have gained the proper knowledge and tools to provide the highest quality of service. We only use the best materials to ensure fantastic outcomes.

Free Estimate

With any tuckpointing and masonry work, we provide free estimates to ensure that there are no surprises along the way. Our masons and tuckpointers will give comprehensive details about the project.

Better Business Bureau Rating: A+

We are proud to be BBB accredited and to serve the Chicagoland area as professional brick, chimney, masonry, tuckpointing, and concrete contractors. We have a great Better Business Bureau rating thanks to our years of professional and dedicated customer-centered service.

Why Masonry Repair & Tuckpointing Near Me Chicago is so Important
Delta Masonry & Tuckpointing Experts!

Masonry materials can absorb water as a result of heavy rain, ice, snow, or flooding. Even a well-constructed masonry chimney can take on water damage. If a water leak is neglected, your chimney can collapse. When your chimney requires professional attention, it’s important to choose the right tuckpointing near Chicago company, that can handle all kinds of masonry restoration projects.  Masonry repair in Chicago should be handled by those who are experienced and have the skills to get the job done right. Our masonry nearby Chicago team is fully equipped to take care of a wide range of masonry repair services, whether it’s for your home or your business.

In terms of difficulty, mortar is probably the highest on the list for masonry repair in Chicago. If you own an older home or building, lime mortar was likely used during construction. But, the older the mortar, the less likely it is compatible with the contemporary Portland cement-based material used today. In a situation like this, it is critical that the right materials are utilized for any masonry restoration in Chicago for older building structures. Our masonry contractors in Chicago use the latest tuckpointing techniques to replace any damaged bricks, fill in for any missing bricks, and re-establish mortar joints. We are the professional brick repair company in Chicago you can count on for your tuckpointing and masonry repair. After removal of the damaged mortar, our masonry contractors use highly specialized pointed tools to achieve the tuckpointing of new mortar between the brickworks, sealing it up, making it whole, and giving it the new appearance you will love.

When Is The Best Time To Tuckpoint Near Chicago?
How To Read The Signs And How Important They Are

Maintaining the structural stability and physical appeal of your masonry near Chicago is very important if you desire your dwelling to last a long time. Tuckpointing near Chicago is a restoration method that involves fixing mortar joints. It is very important to keep the strength and beauty of your brick or stonework. To keep your masonry near Chicago in good shape and stop further damage, you necessitate to know when it’s time for tuckpointing.

Mortar That Is
Cracked Or Crumbling

Seeing cracks or cracking in the mortar joints is a clear sign that you may necessitate to do tuckpointing near Chicago. This could be because of age, weathering, or internal movement.

Of Water

There may be weak mortar joints if there are water stains or damp spots inside or near your brickwork. Tuckpointing near Chicago aids close these gaps so water can't get into your walls.

Mortar Color
Not Even

Changes in the color of the mortar, making some places look darker or lighter than others, could be a sign of damage. Not only does tuckpointing near Chicago make things look regular again, it also fixes problems that are at their roots.

Gaps Between Bricks
That Can Be Seen

There may be mortar loss if there are gaps between the bricks. These holes are filled with tuckpointing, which makes your masonry near Chicago stronger.

Too Much Moss
Or Plant Growth

If there is moss, algae, or other plant life between the bricks, it means that the area is likely to get worse. Tuckpointing gets rid of mortar that isn't working right and stops these organisms from growing.

Or Weathered Mortar

Check the cement joints for signs of decay or wear and tear. To do tuckpointing near Chicago, you have to take off old mortar and put on new mortar to make sure the bond is strong.

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