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What are masonry commercial projects?

We offer our full array of services for all commercial projects including our TuckpointingChimney RepairBrick RepairConcretePowerwashing and general Masonry services. Our qualified professionals are all highly skilled and trained in all masonry and concrete services and our workers are properly licensed, bonded, and insured. We secure all surrounding areas and work professionals according to proper safety procedures and we complete all of our work according to the highest quality standards. All of our commercial services are competitively priced and professionally completed and we can work around your organization’s scheduling and goals to make sure that the projects are completed properly and on time according to your needs and priorities. Our commercial services are often utilitized by factories, warehouses, store fronts, apartments and condominiums, government buildings, schools, houses of worship, libraries, shopping malls, entertainment venues and various other commercial, industrial, or public buildings. Our friendly and professional staff is always ready to discuss, price, and complete your project according to proper requirements and your specific needs and goals. Please contact us to discuss your commercial TuckpointingChimney RepairBrick RepairConcretePowerwashing or Masonry project today!

Examplary proccess of our commercial tuckpointing works

Before commercial tuckpointing

This is a tuckpointing project that we completed on a factory facility in Chicago. This brick industrial and commercial area had been built many decades ago and years of work and weather have worn down and damaged this once healthy brick wall. In order to repair the area we would need to grind down the previous current bricks and mortar, repair or replace any damaged bricks, and install new mortar ensuring that any crack, holes, or damaged areas were properly restored. Damaged brick walls are not only unsightly, but damaged bricks and mortar can fall to the ground creating safety hazards. Over time unaddressed cracks can grow and expand leading to significant safety and structural issues that can become significantly worse if they are not promptly and properly addressed.

During commercial tuckpointing works

This is a photo of us setting up our safety equipment during the completion of the project. We were able to access the lower levels of the area on foot, but the higher courses of bricks required us to set up a safe and proper scaffolding system so that we could securely complete the work. The pipes, vents, and lights on the wall made the set up and project more complex but by following proper work and safety procedures we were able to access the area safely and securely. Depending on what sort of project we are completing, we may need to set up various safety and accessibility equpiment. We always make sure that all surrounding areas, property, and persons are safe and secure and that our workers and staff follow all applicable safety procedures while completing their work.

Effects of our commercial tuckpointing project

This is a close up shot of the brick wall after the tuckpointing process. The mortar is still drying but all of the cracks and chips from the worst part of the wall have been repaired and all damaged bricks have been repaired or replaced. Not only is the aesthetic appearance of this wall greatly enhanced, but the brick wall is signifantly more structurally sound and safer than it was before. By sealing up cracks and holes we have stopped and reversed the spread of any damage and this wall will be safely protected from the weather and outdoor elements for many years to come while also refreshing the appearance of this industrial and commercial area.

A Clear Choice for Commercial Tuckpointing

Commercial tuckpointing requires a contractor you can depend on. Delta has a solid reputation with Chicago area property managers and commercial building owners earned 20 years in business. We provide consistent, quality, commercial tuckpointing. If you manage a school, church, apartments or commercial buildings you can rely on Delta for all your brick repair and commercial tuckpointing needs. The company enjoys an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and has also been recommended by customers on Angie’s List. You’ll get quality tuckpointing at a fair price.

Quality Tuckpointing at a Competitive Price
“We pride ourselves on being very competitive, but we also deliver the craftsmanship customers are looking for,” said Owner Zbigniew Sterczynski. “We make sure the brick and mortar matches perfectly,” said Sterczynski. “We treat every job as if it were own. That includes leaving the grounds as perfect as we found them.”

A Personal Touch
At Deltra Owner Zbigniew Sterczynski keeps a close eye on every job. Each tuckpointing or masonry job begins with a written estimate based on an inspection. In addition to commercial tuckpointing, we can also help you with a variety of masonry repairs. These include chimney repair and restoration, parapet walls, and settlement cracks. We also install flashing, caulking and sealing to ensure your job is watertight. Thank you for considering Delta for your next commercial tuckpointing or masonry project.

We suspect you’d much rather

We suspect you’d much rather spend your time managing your business instead of managing a construction project. As a leader of a growing organization, you can feel confident knowing Delta will take care of every construction project detail and will help the process go smoothly and minimize disruptions.
Types of Commercial Construction:

  • Office buildings
  • Retail centers
  • Financial institutions
  • Insurance companies
  • Casinos
  • Luxury living and hotels
  • Houses of worship
  • schools
  • churches
  • Stores
  • And more

Which buildings require commercial tuckpointing?
Tuckpointing may be done on any size building, small or large. Our professional masons have acquired the necessary knowledge to provide quick, accurate work through vast experience from many years of working on commercial tuckpointing jobs. Our team of commercial tuckpointing experts can help, no matter if you have a multi-level apartment building, a large office building, or a small commercial structure, multi-level apartment structure, or large office building.
Contact our team if you have a commercial building that requires tuckpointing. We will provide you with a free tuckpointing estimate, no matter the size of your building.