Concrete Description

Concrete is a very popular and effective material for sidewalks, driveways, patios, and stairs however over time concrete can crack or chip and needs to be either replaced or repaired. Concrete installation usually involves removing existing concrete, preparing the ground and mold where it is going to be poured, and then pouring and setting the concrete. Sometimes concrete can simply be repaired or power washed but usually a new installation is the best way to fix heavily damaged concrete. Another good way to maintain concrete is through power washing. A power wash will help maintain concrete and will give it a face lift after it has gotten dirty.

Concrete can also be used to create chimney caps, window sills, and accents on the outside of your home.

It is important to inspect concrete for cracks and chips as damaged concrete can fall apart and cause damage to whatever structure it might be a part of. We recommend checking your concrete fixtures and making sure that they are repaired or re-installed as necessary to make sure that your home looks good and also maintains its structural integrity. At Delta Tuckpointing we have been doing concrete work for over two decades. Our expert concrete installers and repairmen can take on any concrete project and we always complete our work promptly and with the highest degree of quality.

We perform tuckpointing in all of the following areas:


North Shore
North Shore
Lake Forest, Il
Lake Bluff, Il
Mettawa, Il
Highland Park, Il
Winnetka, Il
Glencoe, Il
Kenilworth, Il
Wilmette, Il
Great Lakes, Il
Fort Sheridan, Il
Lincolnshire, Il
Vernon Hills, Il
Deerfield, Il
Bannockburn, Il
Libertyville, Il
Riverwoods, Il
Mundelein, Il
Highwood, Il
Northbrook, Il
Northfield, Il
Glenview, Il
Wheeling, Il
Buffalo Grove, Il

Chicago, Il
Union Ridge
Norwood Park
Schorsch Village
Belmont Heights
Hanson Park
Peterson Park
Rogers Park
Portage Park
Kilbourn Park
Jefferson Park
Lincoln Square
Roscoe Village
Forest Glen

Northern Chicago

Evanston, Il
Park Ridge, Il
Skokie, Il
Niles, Il
Lincolnwood, Il
Arlington Heights, Il
Prospect Heights, Il
Mount Prospect, Il
Morton Grove, Il
Oak Park, Il
Des Plaines, Il
River Forest, Il
Harwood Heights, Il
Norridge, Il
Elmwood Park, Il
River Grove, Il
Melrose Park, Il
Schiller Park, Il
Franklin Park, Il
Rosemont, Il
North Chicago, Il
Waukegan, Il

Lincoln Park
Irving Park
Buena Park
Logan Square
Wicker Park
West Town
East Village
Ukrainian Village
River North
Old Town
Gold Coast
Near North
Near East Side
Millenium Park
West Loop
South Loop
Goose Island
River West

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Concrete Gallery

Concrete Driveway

Concrete Driveway – Preparations

The old driveway has been removed and currently the rebar and gravel that will support the new cement driveway is being laid down. The wooden boards around the edges are designed to keep the concrete in place as it settles and will give the concrete the desired shape. We’ve set up cones and caution tape to make sure no one get hurt or damages the site.

Concrete Installation – Driveway Drying

The concrete has been poured on the driveway and it is currently drying. We have shaped the lines in the driveway to create four separate areas and we have also matched the sidewalk area to the surrounding sidewalk pattern. Dividing concrete into blocks like this helps water drain and also breaks the concrete up into sections to prevent cracks and to allow easy repairs of sections should any damage occur. Our cones and caution tape are still in place to make sure this concrete dries smoothly without getting stepped on.

Concrete Installation – Driveway Drying 2

Driveway from street angle. We see that the new cement is smooth with clean, neat lines. This home will look great with its new driveway and the cement should stay in excellent shape for years to come. The walkway in the background connects with the other cement areas that we have just poured around this house.

Concrete Driveway Walkway


Concrete Walkway Installation

Concrete Walkway Drying

Here is the concrete walkway that was in the background of our previous picture. We see on the left the ground being dug up for the gravel to form the foundation of our walkway and we can see how it connects to the old section of the driveway. On the right we see the completed, drying sidewalk which connects perfectly to the new driveway.

Concrete Installation In Progress

Concrete Installaton Complete

Once again we have a before and after shot. We see the crew working on the left preparing the walkway and the driveway making sure that the foundation is stable to support the new concrete. On the right we see the new concrete after it has dried. We can see the straight lines and smooth connections between the different pieces of our new concrete.

Concrete Patio 1

Concrete Patio – Before

This is the old concrete patio in our project. We can see the cracked areas and uneven layout of the concrete. We’re going to completely remove all the old concrete, create a new and even foundation, and then lay new concrete. With concrete that is this damaged the only option is pour out a whole new patio.

Concrete Patio Installation In Progress

We have removed the old concrete and are smoothing out the new gravel and concrete mix for the new patio. We can see parts of the rebar sticking out which is in place to help strengthen the concrete. Currently the concrete is being smoothed and leveled so that the final product ends up even and straight.

Concrete Patio Drying

Concrete Patio Drying 2

After smoothing out the concrete we cut grooves in it to prevent cracking and to allow water to run off. We still have our wooden boards in place to shape and protect the drying concrete. We can see the smooth, uniform distribution of the concrete as it dries and begins to take shape. Soon this new concrete patio will be ready for use.

Concrete Patio Complete

The concrete patio is completed in a shape similar to its predecessor however now the concrete is smooth and level and no longer cracked. Our new foundation helped give this concrete even ground to lay on and our smoothing process made sure that everything ended up straight and level. The walkways connect to the other concrete sections we have installed on this home.

Concrete Patio Complete

The same patio again but from a corner angle. We see the clean lines on the edges of the concrete as well as the smooth grooves separating each section from the next. The barbecue from before is still in its spot and everything looks great. With proper care this concrete patio will give this home years of use.

Concrete Walkway 1

Concrete Walkway – Before

Concrete Walkway – During

Here is a concrete walkway going around the side of a house. We removed the old concrete which was damaged and cracked and then prepared the foundations to lay new concrete. The wooden boards along the sides help us create a mold to pour the new concrete into. The picture on the right shows us the fresh concrete before it is fully smoothed over.

Concrete Walkway – Smoothing

Concrete Walkway Completed

Here the sidewalk around the side of the house is being completed on the left we see the still wet concrete being shaped and smoothed. Our wooden boards are still in place the concrete is still not fully formed. On the right we see the concrete almost fully dry and fully shaped and smoothed. The boards on the right have been removed and only garden bricks remain.

Concrete Walkway 2


Concrete Preparation

We have removed the old concrete in this picture and are preparing the ground for the new pouring. You can see that we are creating a level frame using the string and stakes and have smoothed out the ground.

Concrete Gravel Application

After leveling the ground and creating the wooden frame which will shape our new concrete we have applied the gravel. The gravel serves as a base layer for the walkway and bonds with the concrete.

Concrete Installation In Progress

Concrete Completed

Here is another view of our concrete project. Once again we dug up the old cement, laid down a new foundation, and then poured down fresh new concrete. The new concrete on the right connects to the other pieces in our project and once again we can see the clean, neat, and smooth look of this new walkway.

Concrete Landing

Concrete Landing Installation In Progress

Here is our landing from above. Before we could pour in new concrete we had to prepare our landing. We removed all the old concrete and chipped away the piece at the bottom of the stairs so that our new concrete could smoothly join up with the existing steps. Our wooden boards are already in place to make sure that this concrete shapes and dries the way we want it to.

Concrete Landing – Completed

The new concrete landing is completed. We see that the concrete dried smoothly and uniformly and on the right we see how it smoothly fused with the old steps. The wooden boards we had in place are now gone and only garden bricks remain. This new concrete landing will look great for many years to come.

Concrete Landing – During

Concrete Landing – Complete

The concrete landing for these steps as well as the steps themselves have gotten a little worn and needed to be redone. The steps got resealed along the wall to give them a neat, clean look and to prevent drafts from entering the home. The old concrete was removed and the new concrete was poured out flush with the steps to make this concrete area look like new.

Concrete Patio 2

Concrete Patio – Before

Concrete is also a good material for a patio. Here we have a worn down concrete patio that is in need of repair. The concrete patio is uneven and cracked and chipping in several spots. Pouring a new concrete patio will give the back of this home a new, fresh, inviting look.

Concrete Patio Installation – During

After removing the old concrete we began the installation of the new concrete. Installing rebar gives the concrete added strength and durability. The wooden boards around the perimeter of the patio will help shape the concrete so that it is properly formed while drying.

Concrete Patio After Installation

The new concrete has been poured and set and now we have a new concrete patio. The new concrete is now much straighter and better shaped than the original and does not have any cracks or dents.

Concrete Sidewalk

Concrete Sidewalk Drying

Concrete is also an ideal material for sidewalks. Here we just installed a new concrete sidewalk and we are waiting for it to dry. We install caution tape to ensure that no one or no thing damages the smooth concrete as it sets.

Concrete Sidewalk – Complete

With the new concrete dried and set the new concrete sidewalk is ready for use. New concrete always looks good when poured and if properly taken care of the concrete can stay in good shape for years.

Full Concrete Project

Concrete Installation – Truck Arrival

Concrete is a great option for installing driveways, walkways, and patios. In this concrete installation project we installed all three around this home. After preparing the areas where concrete is going to be installed the cement truck arrives and we begin the concrete installation process.

Concrete Installation – Gravel Preparation

Before the concrete can be poured it is necessary to smooth out the gravel. The concrete rests on the gravel and in order to ensure that the concrete is even and structurally sound it needs to have a solid and even foundation.

Concrete Walkway Installation

This walkway has had concrete poured on it already and is now drying. The concrete has wooden beams around it to shape it as it is drying and has been smoothed to give it a consistent even surface.

Concrete Patio Installation

The rear patio has also had concrete poured already. The concrete was previously smoothed out with a large wiper to ensure that it is even and consistent. Proper installation ensures that the concrete will remain even and structurally sound for years.

Concrete Drying

From the rear we can see both the concrete patio and the concrete walkway drying. After all the concrete is done drying the wooden boards will be removed and this home will be left surrounded with nice, clean, evenly poured concrete.

Concrete Garage Floor

Concrete Garage Floor Installation

Concrete can also be installed inside the home, particularly in the garage. This concrete garage floor was recently installed and serves as a very good looking and functional surface.

Concrete Stairs 1

Concrete Stairs – Before Installation

These concrete stairs are run down and have several cracks along the edges which is starting to make them structurally unsound. In this situation pouring new concrete in a step mold is the best way to resolve fix this problem.

Concrete Stairs – Complete

The concrete steps have been re-installed and new concrete steps have been shaped in place of the old ones. The new concrete is smoother, better shaped, and has no cracks.

Concrete Stairs 2

Concrete Steps – Before

These concrete steps are crumbling and need to be repaired. The easiest way to fix them is to simply re-install the concrete in the same size and shape using a mold.

Concrete Step Installation

The original concrete was removed from the concrete steps and now the underlying foundation is being held in place as the stairs are being prepared for the installation of the new concrete.

Concrete Steps – After Installation

The new concrete steps are installed. The concrete was applied and set and now the concrete on these steps is smooth and even with no cracks. This is a perfect example to how to re-install new concrete steps.

Concrete Stairs 3

Concrete Stairs – Before Installation

Similar to the above picture these concrete steps were in poor shape and needed to be repaired. Also, just like in the picture above, the easiest way to repair these concrete steps was to simply pour new concrete.

Concrete Stairs – During Installation

The concrete from the original concrete steps was deteriorating and the easiest way to remove it was to simply demolish it. These concrete slabs are in the process of being fully removed before the new concrete is poured.

Concrete Stairs – After Installation

The new concrete steps have been poured and set and are now drying. We can see that the new concrete steps are even and have no cracks or chips. The new concrete installation was successful.

Concrete Stairs 4


Concrete Stairs Before Repairs

These concrete stairs were in bad shape and in desperate need of repair. The clients asked us to not only repair these concrete steps but to also add a design element to them as well.

Concrete Stairs After Repairs

These concrete stairs have been repaired and are now straight and structurally sound. In addition to repairing the concrete steps we also added tiles on top as a style element.