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Des Plaines, Il Brick Repair Description

We have been providing brick repair and installation services to home and business owners in Des Plaines, Il since 1987. Brick repairs require removing damaged bricks and mortar and then installing new materials in their place. The newly installed brick and mortar work is usually made to match the color and style of the surrounding or previous materials but we can make any adjustments during the brick repair process to accommodate our clients’ requests. Because of its warm, natural appearance and long-term durability brick is a very popular material and is used to build and repair many residential and commercial properties in the Des Plaines area.

We have served Des Plaines, Il with our brick repair services for more than 26 years. In order for brick and mortar on homes and buildings to be properly maintained all repair and installation work should be completed by licensed professionals. All of our brick repair professionals have years of experience working on brick repair projects in Des Plaines and surrounding towns. Due to our professionalism and service we can always complete our brick repair projects to the highest degree of workmanship that our Des Plaines clients deserve.

More information regarding our brick repair service is on our main brick repair page. References, reviews, and all other information can be available if you contact us at 847 482-1800 or by email at 

Des Plaines, Il Brick Repair General Information

  • We are licensed, bonded, and insured to complete brick repair projects in Des Plaines, Il.

  • We can handle permit needs for brick repair project in Des Plaines, Il.

  • We have great Des Plaines area brick repair references.

  • Most Des Plaines brick repair projects can be performed in one to two days based on the size of the work.
  • We complete all of our Des Plaines brick repairs properly without bothering our clients or their neighbors.


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We are available each day to offer free estimates on brick repair projects in Des Plaines. We also provide “instant-quotes” online if you email us photos of your work along with a description.

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Des Plaines, Il Brick Repair Photos

Des Plaines, Il 60016 60018 Brick Repair – Before

Here is a brick repair project that we completed on a wall in the Des Plaines, Il area. This brick wall on the side of a home had originally been well built however over the years the settling of the house as well as natural weathering eroded the bricks and mortar. Major cracks have formed in various places on this wall on both the bricks and mortar and a brick repair project is very necessary. In order to repair this brick wall we will have to remove all of the damaged bricks and mortar and completely reinstall and set them. Our brick repairs should easily fix the damage here and bring the wall on this Des Plaines area home back up to shape.

Des Plaines, Il 60016 60018 Brick Repair – After

This is the Des Plaines brick repair project that we just completed. We see that all of the damaged bricks and mortar have been completely removed and that entirely new materials have been properly installed in their place. Brick repair projects like this can usually be done in one day as removing the damaged materials and then installing new bricks and mortar can generally be completed within that time frame. These newly installed bricks are intact and all of the cracks have been repaired with new mortar. All of the new materials have set and bonded properly and this brick wall should not develop any new cracks or damage in this area for the foreseeable future. This Des Plaines brick repair project was a huge success and this brick wall should look great for many years to come.

This brick repair link or any of the photos above link to our main brick repair page that has more information about our service. We also offer additional exterior repair services in Des Plaines, Il 60016 60018.