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Glenview, Il Brick Repair Description

We have provided Glenview, Il residents and business owners with our professional brick repair services since 1987. Brick repair work consists of removing cracked, broken, and crumbling bricks and mortar and then installing new materials in order to repair the brickwork on a building. The new bricks and new mortar are normally installed to match the previous materials or the rest of the surrounding area but we can always make changes to our repairs based on our clients’ requests. Due to their warm, natural appearance and their functional strength and durability bricks are popular building materials and are used to build many homes, stores, and businesses in Glenview, Il.

To correctly maintain bricks and mortar all installations and repairs should be made by qualified professionals. We are proud to have provided our brick installation and repair services to Glenview, Il for over 26 years. All of our brick repair experts have many years of experience completing brick repair work in Glenview, Il and as a result we are always able to provide the high level of workmanship and service that our Glenview clients expect.

More information regarding our brick repair service can be found on our general brick repair page. For references, reviews, and other information and questions you can also contact us by phone at 847 482-1800 or by email at [email protected]

Glenview, Il Brick Repair General Information

  • We are bonded, licensed, and insured to complete brick repair work in Glenview, Il.

  • We can handle all necessary permits for brick repair projects in Glenview, Il.

  • We have many strong Glenview area brick repair references.

  • We complete every one of our Glenview brick repair projects quickly and professionally without disrupting our clients or their neighbors.

  • Most Glenview, Il brick repair projects require only one or two days to complete.

Schedule Brick Repair Estimate in Glenview, Il

We are available 7 days a week to provide free estimates on all Glenview, Il brick repair projects. We also offer online “instant-quotes” if you email us photos of your project with a brief description.

To schedule a free estimate for your brick repair project in Glenview, Il:

Call us at: 847 482-1800

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Glenview, Il Brick Repair Photos

Glenview, Il 60025 60026 Brick Repair – Before

This is a brick repair project that we completed on the side of a garage in the Glenview, Il area. This brick column was built out of beautiful natural bricks however over the years wear and tear as well as natural weathering created significant cracks in the bricks and mortar. The greatest damage occurred to the bricks and mortar in the lower right corner, which had started to crumble and needed to be replaced and repaired. We were hired to replace and repair this deteriorated area in order to restore the appearance and structural integrity of this brick column. In order to complete this Glenview area brick repair project we will have to first remove all of this loose debris as well as all the damaged bricks and mortar in order to install new materials in their place.

Glenview, Il 60025 60026 Brick Repair – After

This is our Glenview, Il area brick repair project after our work has been completed. All of the old and damaged bricks, mortar, and loose debris had been completely removed and new bricks and mortar have been set in their place. The new materials will bolster the strength of this column and help maintain the overall integrity of this brick column. The new bricks match the surrounding area as our clients had requested and they have been set straight and in their proper place. The mortar has been properly applied, shaped, and smoothed and it will fully set and hard in the days to come. These new materials will help keep water, dirt, and any other debris or weathering agents from getting inside the brick wall and will help ensure that this area remains in great shape for years to come. Our Glenview, Il area brick repair was completed successfully and our clients were pleased with the results.

Glenview, Il 60025 60026 Brick Repair

This is another brick repair project that we completed in the Glenview, Il area. This time the brick repair work needed to be performed on the top of a large and tall chimney. This beautiful chimney had been built years ago out of great looking bricks and due to its unique shape and aging it had been a great aesthetic asset to this home for years. However, due to natural weathering several bricks and some of the mortar on the top of this chimney had started to crumble and deteriorate. We were hired to remove the damaged bricks and to repair the chimney by installing new bricks. We were able to access the area in question with the help of scaffolding and our qualified workman was able to complete this Glenview, Il area brick repair project safely and professionally.

More information about our brick repair services can be accessed via this link or by clicking on the photos above. We also offer additional exterior repair services in Glenview, Il 60025 60026.