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Highwood, Il Concrete Description

We have provided the city of Highwood, Il with concrete repair and installation services since 1987. Concrete is a very practical and popular material used to build most driveways, walkways, sidewalks, steps, stairs, patios, porches, foundations, and many other building fixtures. When installed and maintained correctly by qualified professionals concrete looks great and its high strength and functional durability allows it to stay in excellent shape for many years. Concrete is a wonderful construction material and a great investment for any property due to its clean look and long lifespan.

For over 26 years we have provided all of Highwood, Il with our concrete services. Our professional concrete services make sure that the concrete on Highwood, Il homes and businesses is always in the best shape it can be in. Because of our long years of experience and our careful customer service we always perform our Highwood, Il concrete projects to the highest degree of quality.

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Highwood, Il Concrete General Information

    • We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured to complete concrete work in Highwood, Il.
    • We can handle permits for Highwood, Il concrete projects.
    • We have positive references for concrete work in the Highwood, Il area
    • We perform each of our Highwood, Il concrete projects promptly and professionally.

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We offer our Highwood clients free estimates every day on any concrete work they may have. We also offer online “instant-quotes” if you send us photos of your work with a short description.

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Highwood, Il Concrete Photos

Highwood, Il 60040 – Concrete – Before

This is a concrete patio that we installed behind a home in the Highwood, Il area. The concrete on the old patio had been deteriorating over the past several years and was full of cracks and holes and had started to chip and buckle in several areas. These homeowners asked us to remove all of the old concrete and debris in order to install a completely new patio. We began this project by first breaking up all of the old concrete and debris in order to smooth away the underlying area. We then built wooden support frames around this entire area to give the new concrete patio its shape and we then installed and leveled gravel and installed wire mesh to support and strengthen the new concrete. Finally we were ready to pour the actual concrete that would make up this patio and as it was drying we spread, smoothed, and shaped it. As an additional stylistic and practical traction enhancing element the homeowners asked us to spread small coarse pebbles around the concrete to give this patio a safe, unique look. After the concrete dried this new patio looked great and these Highwood, Il area homeowners were very pleased with our work.

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