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Lake Forest, Il Brick Repair Description

We have been professionally performing brick repair projects in Lake Forest, Il since 1987. Brick repairs consist of replacing the old or damaged bricks or mortar on homes and buildings with completely new brickwork. Most often the new bricks are repaired or installed to appear similar to the old or existing brickwork however we are always able to make any changes based on our clients’ requests. Brick is a very popular building material and most homes and buildings in Lake Forest, Il are built with it due to its great structural strength and aesthetic appeal. In order to properly maintain bricks they must be properly installed, cared for, and repairs.

We have offered our professional brick repair services to residents in our community in Lake Forest, Il 60045 for over 26 years. Lake Forest residents always expect the best quality service on their brick repair work and only hire properly licensed and insured professionals to complete their work. Our qualified brick repair experts are experienced working on homes in Lake Forest, Il and are always able to provide the necessary level of excellence and service that all Lake Foresters expect. We are also headquartered in Lake Forest and are familiar with Lake Forest brick repair laws, styles, and requirements.

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Lake Forest, Il Brick Repair General Information

  • We are licensed, bonded, and insured to perform brick repair work in Lake Forest, Il.

  • We are able to acquire all permits as necessary to perform brick repair work in Lake Forest, Il.

  • We have many Lake Forest, Il brick repair references available by request.

  • We can complete brick repair projects promptly and discretely with minimal distraction to our Lake Forest clients or their neighbors.

  • Most brick repair projects in Lake Forest take between a day and a week to complete, depending on the size and scope of the project.

Schedule Brick Repair Estimate in Lake Forest, Il

We are available 7 days a week to provide complimentary estimates on all brick repair projects in Lake Forest. We are also able to provide “instant-quotes” online if you email us photos of your project with a brief description attached. We also serve Mettawa,Il.

To schedule a brick repair estimate in Lake Forest, Il:

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Lake Forest, Il Brick Repair Photos


Lake Forest, Il 60045 – Brick Repair – Before

This is one of the larger brick repair projects that we completed in Lake Forest, Il. The entire front of this home needed to be redone and part of the work included reinstalling and repairing the brick wall. This is the progress about halfway through the work. We began this brick repair project by first dismantling the old and deteriorating brick wall to make space for the new window alignment and the new brickwork. We can see the new bricks waiting to be installed and about half of the brick wall around the windows is already completed. Our expert skills and years of experience performing Lake Forest brick repairs is what gives us the confidence and ability to perform these types of projects quickly, correctly, and professionally.


Lake Forest, Il 60045 – Brick Repair – After

This is our fully completed Lake Forest brick repair project. We can see that all of the brickwork that we had been working on has been completed and that new, straight, flush, clean bricks are perfectly surrounding all of the new features on the front of this home. All of the damaged and deteriorating bricks have been removed and we have completely transformed this home thanks to our brick repair and remodeling work. Our years of brick repair experience are evident in the successful completion of this project and we bring this level of expertise and professionalism to all of our Lake Forest brick repair and general projects.


Lake Forest, Il 60045 – Brick Repair – Before

This is a brick repair project that we completed on the side of a chimney on a Lake Forest, Il home. This large and well-built chimney had been a great asset to this home for many years however natural weathering and deterioration required that some of the bricks be removed, replaced, and repaired. In the photo above we have removed the most damaged bricks in order to begin the brick repair process. While these bricks are removed we have an opportunity to repair the surrounding area including the central structural supports for the overall chimney. In addition to repairing just the bricks we will also repair the mortar and all the other surrounding elements on this Lake Forest chimney to ensure that our brick repair project brings it back up to it full strength and potential.


Lake Forest, Il 60045 – Brick Repair – Before

This is our Lake Forest brick repair project after all of the repairs have been completed. We can see that the entire side of this brick chimney has been repaired and that all of the new bricks are straight and intact. There is no structural damage and all of the mortar is evenly and neatly applied. Though the bricks on this chimney had started to deteriorate our simple and professionally completed brick repair project easily resolved the situation and brought this chimney back to its full potential. Thanks to our brick repairs this chimney will continue to serve this Lake Forest, Il 60045 home for many years to come.

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