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Lake Bluff, Il Chimney Repair Description

We have been performing professional chimney repairs in Lake Bluff, Il since 1987. Repairing a chimney consists of either repairing or replacing the bricks, caps, liners, stones, and / or mortar on a damaged or deteriorating chimney. Most Lake Bluff homes have larger, well-built, elegant chimneys that are diligently maintained by their homeowners. As professional chimney repair specialists we believe that it is our job to offer our services to help ensure that these chimneys remain in safe and functional shape.

We have offered our professional chimney repair services to residents and businesses in Lake Bluff, Il 60044 for over 26 years. Our expert chimney repairmen are experienced working on homes in Lake Bluff, Il and they are always able to offer the degree of excellence and care that their owners demand. We are headquartered in Lake Forest and are familiar with Lake Bluff chimney repair requirements and codes

To see more examples of chimney repairs that we have performed please take a look at the chimney repair gallery on our main chimney repair page. For references, reviews, or further information please take a look at our site or contact us directly at 847 482-1800 or email us at [email protected].

Lake Bluff, Il Chimney Repair General Information

  • We are fully licensed, bonded and insured to repair chimneys in Lake Bluff, Il.

  • We are able to arrange for all necessary permits for chimney repair work in Lake Bluff, Il.

  • We have references for chimney repair projects in the Lake Bluff, Il area available by request.

  • We are able to complete chimney repairs safely and promptly with minimal interruption to our Lake Bluff clients or their neighbors.

  • Most chimney repair work in Lake Bluff, Il takes 1-2 days to complete, depending on the scale of the work.

Schedule Chimney Repair Estimate in Lake Bluff, Il

We are available 7 days a week to provide complimentary estimates on all chimney repairs in Lake Bluff, Il. We are also able to provide “instant-quotes” online if you email us photos of your project with a brief description attached.

To schedule a chimney repair estimate in Lake Bluff, Il:

Call us at: 847 482-1800

Email us at: [email protected]

Lake Bluff, Il Chimney Repair Photos

Lake Bluff, Il 60044 – Chimney Repair – Before

This is a chimney repair project that we completed on a home in the Lake Bluff, Il 60044 area. This great looking chimney had originally been built along with the rest of the house and was painted to match, however over the years frequent use as well as natural weathering have eroded away much of the brickwork and peeled away a lot of the paint. In order to complete this chimney repair these Lake Bluff area homeowners asked us to remove the dozen or so of the top-most courses of bricks in order to install completely new bricks. Rather than repainting the new area these homeowners asked us to complete the chimney repair so that the natural color of the bricks be exposed on the top to add a stylistic accent to this home.

Lake Bluff, Il 60044 – Chimney Repair – During

This is the Lake Bluff area chimney repair project that we were hired to complete as it is in progress. We have set up all of the proper scaffolding and equipment to allow for safe and open access to the chimney and we have also secured the surrounding area to protect from any potential debris. We are nearing the completion of our brick repair as we have already removed all of the old bricks, mortar, and debris and are currently in the process of rebuilding the final top-most layers. Our expert brick repair professional is finalizing the project in this photo. After the final few courses of bricks are installed this Lake Bluff chimney repair project will be completed and this chimney will have a completely fresh new look.

Lake Bluff, Il 60044 – Chimney Repair – After

This is the Lake Bluff area chimney repair project after all of the work has been completed. We can see that the newly installed bricks are all set straight and flush and that all of the old crack, chips, and flakes have been completely removed and repaired. We also installed new mortar during our brick repair process and we can see that it has been set and shaped properly and that the bricks have bonded in a tight and consistent fashion. Our chimney repair project turned out successfully and our Lake Bluff clients were very pleased with our work. This was a great example of the level of expertise, quality, and professionalism that we bring to all of our Lake Bluff brick chimney repair projects.

Lake Bluff, Il 60044 – Chimney Repair Project

Here is a Lake Bluff area chimney repair project that we completed on a large home as part of a complete renovation project. This had originally been a ranch home with a small chimney however the owners wanted to upgrade this home by adding a second level and a chimney repair and rebuild project was necessary to accommodate the now larger home. We began by dismantling the old and damaged chimney and by making the necessary changes to the fireplace inside the home. We then completed the chimney repair by completely rebuilding a larger and completely new chimney in place of the older one. This chimney we see pictured above is the result of our chimney repair project. The new chimney is proportionately sized to match the rest of the home and well built due to the professional and proper manner in which we completed the repairs. This Lake Bluff area chimney repair project was a huge success and the homeowners were extremely pleased with the quality of our work.

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