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Morton Grove, Il Tuckpointing Description

We have been offering our professional tuckpointing services to Morton Grove, Il since 1987. Tuckpointing is a brick, stone, mortar, and concrete repair method where you grind and then apply new and shaped mortar and cement in order to strengthen joint lines. Tuckpointing is often the best way to repair and refresh brick, stone, or concrete features on a given building because it enhances the appearances of the worked upon area while also removing debris and putting in place new cement and mortar to strengthen that area’s structural integrity. Tuckpointing increases structural integrity and helps many brick, stone, and concrete walls extend their life-span. Many Morton Grove homes are built with stone, brick, and concrete and tuckpointing their cement and mortar joint lines helps them retain their great appearance and durability.

We have more than 26 years of professional experience providing tuckpointing services to Morton Grove, Il. Morton Grove residents and business owners do a diligent job of maintaining the brick, stone, and concrete on their properties and our tuckpointing service helps them attain this goal. Our professional tuckpointing experts have years of experience performing tuckpointing projects in Morton Grove, Il and always provide the highest quality workmanship and customer service.

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Morton Grove, Il Tuckpointing General Information

  • We complete all Morton Grove tuckpointing work promptly and professionally.
  • We are fully insured, licensed, and bonded to perform tuckpointing projects in Morton Grove, Il.
  • We can handle permits as necessary for tuckpointing projects in Morton Grove, Il.
  • We have strong positive references for the tuckpointing projects that we have completed in the Morton Grove area.
  • Most tuckpointing work in Morton Grove requires one to two days to complete depending on the scale of the project.


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All of our Morton Grove, Il tuckpointing estimates are free of charge and we are available to meet or speak 7 days a week. We also provide online “instant-quotes” by email if you send us photos of your project with a short description.

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Morton Grove, Il Tuckpointing Photos

Morton Grove, Il 60053 – Tuckpointing

This is a tuckpointing project that we were hired to complete in the Morton Grove, Il area. The mortar joints on this great looking orange brick wall were starting to crack and wear out and tuckpointing a new layer of mortar was needed to eliminate the cracks, leaks, and drafts that this damage was causing. We started by grinding down the old mortar about 3/4″ (as seen on the left) to remove all the old mortar and debris. We then applied new mortar as part of the tuckpointing process to fill in the empty space. We see the new tuckpointed bricks and mortar on the right. The new mortar will fill in any holes or gaps and will help all the bricks and surrounding material bond and maintain their structural integrity. After the mortar dries and excess material is washed off this wall will have a fresh new look and will remain in great shape for many years to come.


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