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Mundelein, Il Tuckpointing Description

We have been offering our professional tuckpointing services to Mundelein, Il 60060 businesses and residents since 1987. Tuckpointing is an exterior masonry repair method where brick, stone, mortar, and concrete areas are grinded down to remove dirt and loose mortar and debris in order to allow for the installation of new materials. During a tuckpointing project new mortar is installed and fills in the cracks around deteriorating mortar, concrete, bricks, and stone joint lines. Tuckpointing improves the appearance of brick, stone, mortar, and concrete and it also strengthens these areas structurally by improving the bonding between materials. Most properties in Mundelein,Il are constructed with these materials and tuckpointing these spots and fixtures helps make sure that they stay in the best possible shape.

We have over 26 years of experience performing professional tuckpointing work on Mundelein, Il homes and businesses. Mundelein home and business owners take great care to maintain the brick, stone, mortar, and concrete areas on their buildings and we believe it is our job to help them keep their properties in the best possible condition by providing our professional tuckpointing services. Our expert craftsmen are very skilled and experienced performing tuckpointing projects in Mundelein, Il and surrounding areas. Their experience helps make sure that we perform all of our Mundelein tuckpointing work with the highest degree of service and quality.

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Mundelein, Il General Tuckpointing Information

  • We are fully bonded, licensed, and insured to complete Mundelein, Il tuckpointing projects.
  • We complete all of our Mundelein, Il tuckpointing projects quickly and professionally.
  • We are able to handle permits for tuckpointing projects in Mundelein, Il.
  • We have strong references for tuckpointing projects in the Mundelein, Il area.
  • The majority of Mundelein, Il tuckpointing projects take just one or two days to complete.


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Deerfield, Il Tuckpointing Photos


Mundelein, Il 60060 – Tuckpointing – Before

This is a tuckpointing project we completed on a brick chimney for a home in the Mundelein, Il area. This chimney was originally a great looking and practical asset for this home however over the years normal use as well as natural weathering and erosion have worn away many of the bricks and mortar. This damage not only looks unattractive but it also weakens the structural integrity of this chimney. If left unchecked this situation will only continue to get worse as the mortar continues to crack and the bricks continue to crumble. Without a tuckpointing project water and debris will continue to penetrate the bricks and mortar further damaging the chimney. This can create functional problems for the flu pipe as well as a safety hazard for anyone standing below that might be hit by falling debris. Our tuckpointing project will grind down any damaged areas on this chimney to bring this Mundelein, Il area chimney back up to the best shape possible.


Mundelein, Il 60060 – Tuckpointing – After

This is the completed Mundelein, Il tuckpointing project that we completed on this brick wall. We see that our workman is finishing the smoothing of the mortar and washing away any loose dust or debris but for all intents and purposes the tuckpointing work has been completed. All of the damaged bricks have been replaced and any loose mortar or dirt has been grinded away and removed. New mortar and bricks have been installed as part of the tuckpointing process and this chimney is now far stronger structurally thanks to the mortar bonding together any potential cracks that might have existed. The tuckpointing process also gave this chimney a smooth new look that will continue to look great for years. This Mundelein, Il tuckpointing project has been completed successfully and these homeowners were very happy with our services.

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