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Niles, Il Tuckpointing Description

We have been offering our tuckpointing services to Niles, Il since 1987. Tuckpointing is the method of repairing bricks, stones, mortar, and concrete by grinding and then applying new mortar and cement and shaping it in order to strengthen joint lines. Tuckpointing is an excellent way to repair and improve brick, stone, or concrete walls or fixtures because it refreshes the worked upon area while also removing debris and putting in place new cement and mortar. The tuckpointing process increases the structural integrity of the area in question and helps many brick, stone, and concrete walls extend their life-cycle. Many homes in Niles, Il are built with stone, brick, and concrete and tuckpointing the mortar and cement joint lines around these materials helps them retain their durability and appearance.

We have more than 26 years of experience offering our professional tuckpointing services to Niles, Il. Niles residents and business owners do a great job of keeping up and maintaining the brick, stone, and concrete features on their properties and our tuckpointing services help them accomplish this goal. Our expert tuckpointing professionals have many years of experience completing tuckpointing projects on homes and businesses in Niles, Il and we always provide the high quality workmanship and customer service that our Niles clients expect.

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Niles, Il Tuckpointing General Information

  • We complete Niles tuckpointing projects promptly and professionally.
  • We are insured, licensed, and bonded to complete tuckpointing projects in Niles, Il.
  • We can handle necessary permits for tuckpointing work in Niles, Il.
  • We have many positive references for tuckpointing projects completed in Niles, Il.
  • Most tuckpointing projects in Niles require one to two days to complete depending on the size of the work.


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Niles, Il Tuckpointing Photos

Niles, Il 60714 – Tuckpointing Project 1

Here is a tuckpointing project that we completed in the Niles, Il area. The mortar and joints on this brick wall were starting to crumble and the homeowners hired us to perform tuckpointing work to bring this Niles area home’s bricks back up to their full condition. We started by grinding the old mortar around the existing bricks as we can see by the darkened are and we have installed and shaped new mortar in the lighter areas. Our professional workman is currently in the process of applying new mortar on the grinded bricks. After this tuckpointing project is complete the entire wall will have new mortar installed in its brick joints. Rain will wash out any excess dust and this Niles area home will have a strong, fresh looking brick wall that will remain in solid shape for many years to come.

Niles, Il 60714 – Tuckpointing Project 2

This is another tuckpointing project that we completed in the Niles area. This red brick wall had started to deteriorate due to cracks and chips in its mortar joints. These cracks not only made the wall look neglected but if left unchecked they could also create leaks, drafts, and other more significant structural problems. The homeowners asked us to tuckpoint this wall in order to restore it back to its full condition. We started by grinding away all loose mortar as is evidenced by the darker bricks on the left and we then applied new mortar as we can see on the right. The mortar on the right is fresh and is still drying, but once it is shaped, hardened, and washed it will give the red brick wall on this Niles home a strong, healthy appearance and will secure its structural integrity for many future years.

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