Skokie, Il Chimney Repair Description

We have been providing our professional chimney repair services to the village of Skokie, Il since 1987. Chimney repair projects generally consist of replacing or repairing the bricks, stones, liners, caps, or mortar on a damaged or deteriorating chimney. Chimney repairs are necessary to maintain not only the appearance and aesthetic value that a chimney brings to a home but also the structural integrity necessary to keep the given chimney, home, and surrounding community safe. Repairing a damaged chimney is usually a wise investment that will help ensure that your home stays safe and looks great.

Many homes in Skokie, Il have very solidly built chimneys that have stood for many years and we offer Skokie residents our professional chimney repair services so that these chimneys might remain safe and operational for many more years to come. We have performed Skokie chimney repairs for over 26 years and are proud to have established ourselves as leading chimney repair specialists in Skokie, Il. Our professional chimney repair experts are well experienced with performing chimney repairs in Skokie, Il and always provide the degree of quality and service that our clients expect.

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Skokie, Il Chimney Repair General Information

    • We are licensed, bonded and insured to complete Skokie, Il chimney repair projects.
    • We can obtain necessary permits for chimney repairs in Skokie, Il.
    • We have Skokie chimney repair references available to our clients by request.
    • We complete chimney repair projects in Skokie, Il quickly and safely without disruption to our clients or their neighbors
    • Most chimney repair projects in Skokie, Il require only 1 or 2 days to complete, depending on the size of the work.

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We are available 7 days a week to provide complimentary estimates on all chimney repair projects in Lake Forest. We are also able to provide “instant-quotes” online if you email us photos of your project with a brief description attached. We also serve Mettawa,Il.

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Skokie, Il Chimney Repair Photos

Chimney Repair 1 – Before

Here are the before and after photos of a chimney repair project that we completed in Skokie, Il. The picture above shows a chimney that is in an advanced state of deterioration. The decorative brick exterior as well as the layer it is mounted on is starting to peel off and crumble. The bricks and mortar underneath have also suffered damage and need to be replaced and repaired if this chimney is to be restored to its full condition.

Chimney Repair 1 – After

In order to repair this chimney we had to remove all of the damaged bricks and mortar and re-install them in order to make this chimney structurally sound and consistent in appearance. All of the damaged aspects have been removed and new structurally sound bricks and mortar have been put in their place. The concrete chimney cap has also been repaired and this chimney will remain in solid shape for a long time.

Skokie, Il 60076 60077 – Chimney Repair 2 – During

This is another chimney repair project that we completed in Skokie, Il. This large, beautiful chimney had been a great asset to this home however it had started to crumble in recent years. In order to complete this repair project we had to set up a multi-level scaffolding so that we could access the higher and less accessible parts of the chimney. We can see in this photo that repairs are currently being conducted on the bricks and mortar of the chimney and we can also see the protective tape and film surrounding the front door and other areas of this Skokie home designed to offer protection from debris. This photo shows the versatility of the chimney repair services we offer as well as the care that we take to preserve the safety and well-being of our Skokie clients and their homes.

Skokie, Il 60076 60077 – Chimney Repair 2 – During

Here is a photograph of this Skokie home’s chimney after we completed our chimney repair. We see that it is straight and fully erect with all of its mortar and stones in place and in solid shape. We see the clear lines of newly installed mortar and there is absolutely no damage or deterioration on the chimney at all. The rest of the home is also in perfect shape due to the high amount of care and precaution that we employed in completing this chimney repair. This chimney is now in excellent shape and these Skokie homeowners were very pleased with the results of our efforts and repairs.

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