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Skokie, Il Concrete Description

We have offered our professional concrete installation and repair services to Skokie, Il residents and businesses since 1987. Concrete is a very popular and practical construction material to use for driveways, walkways, sidewalks, steps, stairs, patios and many other building fixtures. Concrete is a very clean and durable material that complements the style of most homes and businesses but it must be properly installed and occasionally repaired to maintain its structural integrity and crisp appearance. Concrete is used on nearly all homes and buildings in Skokie, Il for various stylistic and structural features and our services make sure that this concrete remains in the best shape possible.

We have more than 26 years of professional experience repairing and installing concrete on homes and buildings in the Skokie, Il 60076 and 60077 area. Our concrete professionals are accustomed to working on projects in Skokie, Il and they are always able to deliver the high degree of service and quality that their Skokie residents expect.

To find our more about our concrete installation and repair services please visit our main concrete page. For additional information such as reviews or references regarding our concrete work and experience in Skokie, Il please take a look at some of the other pages on our site or contact us directly at 847 482-1800. We are also available by email at .


Skokie, Il Concrete General Information

  • We are fully bonded, licensed, and insured to complete concrete installation and repair work in all of Skokie, Il.

  • We can obtain permits as necessary for any concrete project we perform in Skokie, Il.

  • We have references and reviews for concrete work in the Skokie, Il area available to our clients by request.

  • We are able to finish concrete projects promptly and with consideration to all nearby Skokie residents.


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We are available 7 days a week to offer our clients complimentary estimates on all concrete work in Skokie, Il. We are also able to provide “instant-quotes” by email if you send us your photos with a description of your work.

To schedule a free estimate for concrete work in Skokie, Il:

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Skokie, Il Concrete Photos

Skokie, Il 60076 60077 – Concrete Driveway – Before

Here is the “before” photo of a damaged driveway that we worked on in Skokie, Il the previous season. This concrete driveway had several large cracks, lumps, stains, and other irregularities and general damage and simply needed to be repaired. Due to the extent of the damage on the driveway and the fact that it was initially poured in one long piece the only way to properly repair the concrete was to completely re-install it.

Skokie, Il 60076 60077 – Concrete Driveway – During

At this point we are half-way through re-installing this concrete driveway in Skokie. We started by completely removing and hauling away all the old concrete and then smoothing out the underlaying dirt. We then constructed a framing around where the new concrete was going to be poured and installed square wire mesh on the ground in order to give the new concrete the proper amount of support. The next step is to lay gravel and then to pour new concrete within the driveway framing.

Skokie, Il 60076 60077 – Concrete Driveway – Complete

This is the same Skokie concrete driveway project shot from a wider angle after the project has been completed. We see that the new concrete is evenly divided into properly shaped divisions and that it is smooth and free of any cracks. The lines in the concrete will allow water to drain more easily and also minimize crack damages and allow for easier potential future repairs. The concrete has a healthy, smooth, white color and has dried properly which will ensure that it will remain structurally sound and durable for years to come.

Skokie, Il 60076 60077 – Concrete Steps – Before

This is another concrete project that we completed in Skokie, Il this time on a set of concrete steps. These steps had been installed several years ago and due to weathering and normal wear and tear they were starting to crack and crumble around the edges. Not only did the state of the concrete on these steps detract from the appearance of this home, but if left unchecked the damaged concrete could start to present a danger to this Skokie home and anyone who visited it.

Skokie, Il 60076 60077 – Concrete Steps – During

This photo shows our concrete Skokie steps under construction. In order to repair these concrete steps we had to completely remove the old concrete and install new concrete steps in their place. After breaking down and removing the old concrete steps and the accompanying debris we built a framing around the underlaying concrete and are currently in the process of preparing the step area for new concrete pouring. Once the new concrete is poured and set the steps on this Skokie home will remain in good shape for many years to come.

Skokie, Il 60076 60077 – Concrete Steps – Complete

These are the concrete Skokie steps that we had been working on after they have been set, dried, and completed. The contrast between the top-most picture in this series is starkly evidenced by the new, clean, even and crack-free concrete that the steps now consist of. The new concrete steps have straight, crisp lines and are in one solid piece which ensures that these steps are now both safe and functional and can properly serve this Skokie home.

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