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Skokie, Il Tuckpointing Description

We have been providing our masonry tuckpointing services to Skokie, Il since 1987. Tuckpointing is a method of repairing bricks, stones, mortar, and concrete by grinding and then applying and shaping new mortar and cement in order to strengthen the joints between the related materials. Tuckpointing is a great way to improve any brick, stone, or concrete walls or features because it gives the area a fresh new look while also removing debris and putting in place new mortar and cement which increases the structural integrity of the area in question. Many Skokie, Il homes are made of stone, brick, and concrete and tuckpointing the mortar and cement around these materials helps them retain their durability and aesthetic appeal.

We have more than 26 years of professional experience performing tuckpointing work in Skokie, Il. Skokie residents and business owners take great care to keep up and maintain their properties and our tuckpointing services are a great way to help them accomplish this goal. Our professional tuckpointing experts have extensive experience performing tuckpointing work on Skokie homes and businesses and are always able to offer the quality craftsmanship and service that our Skokie clients expect of us.

For additional information about the tuckpointing services we provide please visit our main tuckpointing page or contact us directly by phone at 847 482-1800 or  by email.


Skokie, Il Tuckpointing General Information

  • We complete our tuckpointing projects quickly and professionally with minimal interruption to our Skokie clients or their neighbors.
  • We have the necessary bonding, licensing, and insurance to complete tuckpointing projects in Skokie, Il.
  • We can handle all necessary paperwork for tuckpointing work in Skokie, Il.
  • We have many excellent references for professionally completed Skokie tuckpointing projects.
  • Most Skokie tuckpointing projects require only one day to two to complete depending on the scope of the work at hand.


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All of our Skokie, Il tuckpointing estimates are free of charge and we are available to schedule appointments 7 days a week. We also offer “instant-quotes” by email if you send us photos of your project with a short description attached.

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Skokie, Il Tuckpointing Photos

Skokie, Il 60076 60077 – Tuckpointing Project 1

Here is a tuckpointing project that we completed in the Skokie, Il area. The mortar on this home was aging and had started to crumble and fall off, causing leaks, drafts, cracks and other problems for these homeowners. We were hired to repair these bricks. We began the tuckpointing process by grinding down the existing bricks and mortar and we can see the deep grooves and indents around the yet untuckpointed bricks on the left side of the picture. Our professional tuckpointing workman is working in the middle of the photo applying new mortar along the previously grinded joint lines. This is what the tuckpointing process consists of. On the right we see already tuckpointed bricks with new, thick mortar around them. The new mortar will still be prepped before completion and any loose debris will wash off completing the tuckpointing process on this brick wall.

Skokie, Il 60076 60077 – Tuckpointing Project 2

This is another tuckpointing project that we completed in the Skokie, Il area. This large brick wall’s mortar had eroded away through weathering and needed to be replaced by tuckpointing. Once again we ground the old mortar down to expose and gain access to the bare bricks themselves (as seen in the very thinly mortared bricks in the top and left-hand areas of the photograph) and then applied new mortar along these joint lines (as in the bottom and right-hand areas). Grinding down the old mortar removed all damage and debris from the brick wall and gave us a “blank slate” upon which to install new healthy mortar. At the moment the new mortar is still drying and settling in, however after it is cleaned and washed the excess mortar will run off and this brick wall with be structurally sound and will have a consistent, healthy, and well-maintained appearance.

Skokie, Il 60076 60077 – Tuckpointing Project 1

The tuckpointing project that we completed on this Skokie area home required a little bit of extra effort and caution. We had to tuckpoint essentially all four walls in their entirety around this home which meant that we had to set up ladders and scaffolding in order to reach the less accessible areas. Here we are working approximately 15 feet off the ground around two windows. This project required extra care and caution to ensure the safety of our professionals as well as the safety of the windows and other features of this home. Our years of experience performing tuckpointing projects in Skokie,Il and surrounding areas gave us the confidence and aptitude to be able to complete this project safely and effectively. We were able to reach all necessary spots to grind down and reinstall new mortar in order to complete the tuckpointing work that this Skokie area home was in need of.

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