A brick porch is much sought after even in these modern times. The appearance is first and then it creates an atmosphere that can be very functional. Brick porches are almost unique as they are designed for a specific home and usually according to the homeowners’ needs.

Here are some factors to consider if you want to repair your brick porch. You must consider that your porch will be worn down from the elements of nature and time and will need repairs at some point in time. Call Delta Masonry & Tuckpointing for advice and an estimate. They offer superior service and quality workmanship.

Brick Porch Repair Costs

Imagine increasing the value of your home because your porch is properly maintained. This is a reality, however many owners put off the repairs and do not maintain their brick porches as it costs money. In the long run, you will gain by having a great brick porch.

Delta Masonry & Tuckpointing are professionals in the industry with many years of experience. Contact them for an on-site visit and to give you the most accurate cost estimate and time frame. There are many options and costs associated with these options. The labor and materials as well as the size of the damage and repairs needed will influence your costs. Prices usually range from between a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars so it is advisable to get the experts’ advice.

Assessing the damage

Homeowners do not have the knowledge that tuckpointing and masonries have and should leave these repairs up to the tuckpointing contractors. Delta Masonry & Tuckpointing will do a free on-site inspection to properly evaluate the repairs needed. This will allow them to best advise you of the repairs needed and provide you with the estimated cost and time involved.

There are many ways that porches get damaged over time. The weather elements as well as general wear and tear are what most porches suffer from; however some have damage due to structural issues and deterioration of the foundation. Most old homes will have some type of damage due to the age of the brick porch and in some cases may not even be suitable for repairs and may need a completely new porch built from scratch.

Designing your beloved Porch

The layout of your porch is not likely to change much if you are planning to do minor masonry work and tuckpointing repairs. The opportunity arises when you are doing major repairs or have structural issues to be repaired that you can make considerable design enhancements.

Porches are customized according to the homeowners’ needs and the style and layout of the house. You can create the porch of your dreams that is functional and inviting. Contact your local masonry repair and tuckpointing contractors for expert advice and ideas. Discuss your ideas with them and get their expert opinion.

Crumbling Porch Call Delta Masonry & Tuckpointing

Your porch should never be in a state of despair and that is why Delta Masonry & Tuckpointing are passionate about saving brick porches and repairing them. When it is beyond repair they will allow you to redesign your porch and their contractors will build a new porch from scratch. You will be a part of the process every step of the way.

Whether your brick porch needs a minor touch-up or major repair, Delta Masonry & Tuckpointing are the industry professionals. Contact us for all your brick porch needs from repairs to rebuilds and everything in between.