Chimney Repair - Mundelein, Il 60060

Mundelein, Il Chimney Repair Description

We have provided our professional chimney repair services to Mundelein, Il 60060 homes and business owners since 1987. Chimney repair work consists of the repair and re-installation of the damaged bricks, stones, mortar, concrete, cement, seals, caps, or liners on deteriorating chimneys. Mundelein property owners know that chimney repairs are effective and necessary investments that are key to the proper maintenance of well built homes, buildings, and chimneys.

We have provided our professional chimney repairs to Mundelein, Il over the last 26 years and we see it as our duty to help make sure that all Mundelein chimneys are properly maintained and repaired. We base our business on our strong reputation as reliable chimney repair professionals and our long years of experience ensures that we always provide top quality craftsmanship and careful customer service on every project. We approach each of our chimney repairs carefully to guarantee the safety of our clients, workers, and surrounding properties and we keep our Mundelein, Il clients fully informed on the progress of their work.

Further information about our chimney repairs is posted on our main chimney repair page. For reviews, references, or general information please call our office at 847 482-1800 or email us at [email protected].

Mundelein, Il Chimney Repair General Information

      • We have the licensing, bonding, and insurance to perform chimney repair work in Mundelein, Il.
      • We can obtain permits for chimney repairs in Mundelein, Il.
      • We have excellent references for Mundelein chimney repairs and related work.
      • We perform Mundelein chimney repairs safely and professionally
      • Most Mundelein, Il chimney repairs take only one or two days to complete.

Schedule Chimney Repair Estimate in Mundelein, Il

We are available every day of the week day to provide free estimates on Mundelein, Il chimney repairs. We also provide “instant-quotes” online if you email us photos of your work along with a description.

To schedule a free estimate on your chimney repair in Mundelein, Il:

Call us at: 847 482-1800

Email us at: [email protected]

Mundelein, Il Chimney Repair Photos

Mundelein, Il 60060 – Chimney Repair – Before

We completed this chimney repair in the Mundelein, Il area. This is a well built chimney on a well maintained home however normal weathering and use has eroded and worn away the bricks, mortar, and concrete. This chimney needs a repair or the existing leaks and drafts will continue to allow water and debris to erode away the inside and outside of the chimney which will dramatically damage the structural integrity of the whole chimney. In order to repair this Mundelein chimney we need to remove and grind away the old mortar and debris and re-install new bricks and mortar in their place.

Mundelein, Il 60060 – Chimney Repair – After

This is the chimney repair in the Mundelein, Il area as the newly installed bricks and mortar are drying. We see that the old mortar and debris have been grinded away and new mortar and bricks have been installed. We are still finishing up some minor smoothing work and cleaning up debris from the chimney repair so our ladder and equipment is still up, but we can see that the work has largely been completed. We can also see in this photo the level of care and attention we give to preserve the safety of this home and surrounding areas as demonstrated by the tarps we have carefully set up on the roof and the easily accessible and well secured ladder. This chimney repair project has been completed successfully as we can see by the smooth mortar and straight bricks and this fully repaired chimney will continue to serve this Mundelein area home for years to come.

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