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Niles, Il Concrete Description

We have provided our professional concrete repair and installation services to Niles, Il residents and businesses since 1987. Concrete is a very practical and popular material used to construct driveways, walkways, sidewalks, stairs, steps, patios and many other fixtures and buildings. Concrete is very durable and clean and is a material that will complement the style of most homes and buildings. If it is properly installed and maintained with regular repairs it will ensure that it retains its structural integrity and crisp appearance. Concrete is used in one way or another on almost all buildings in Niles, Il due to its very versatile nature and our services make sure that these concrete fixtures remain in the best shape possible.

We have over 26 years of experience professionally repairing and installing concrete fixtures on homes and buildings in Niles, Il 60714. Our concrete professionals are familiar with Niles, Il and its residents and they always deliver the high degree of service and quality that our Niles clients expect.

For more about our concrete installation and repair services please visit our main concrete page. For information such as reviews or references regarding our concrete work in Niles, Il please take a look at some of the other pages on our site or contact us directly at 847 482-1800. We are also available by email at .


Niles, Il Concrete General Information

  • We are fully bonded, licensed, and insured to complete concrete repair and installation projects in Niles, Il.

  • We can obtain permits as needed for any concrete installation and repair work we perform in Niles, Il.

  • We have many excellent references and reviews for concrete projects completed in Niles, Il available to our clients by request.

  • We complete all Niles concrete projects promptly and professionally with full consideration to our clients and their neighbors.


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We are available to our clients 7 days a week to offer complimentary estimates on all concrete work in Niles, Il. We also provide “instant-quotes” by email if you send us your photos with a brief description of your work.

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Niles, Il Concrete Photos

Niles, Il 60714 – Concrete Walkway

This is a freshly laid concrete sidewalk that we installed in the Niles, Il area. This walkway had been poorly damaged and we were asked to repair it by installing new concrete. We began by removing all of the old concrete then we constructed a wooden frame for the new walkway. We then installed wire mesh and gravel and finally poured the new concrete in. Before the concrete dried we shaped and smoothed the concrete so that it would set in proper and consistent form. This concrete walkway is now completed and will be a useful addition to this Niles area home for many years to come.





Niles, Il 60714 – Concrete Steps

Here is a concrete step repair project that we completed in the Niles, Il 60714 area. On the left we see that the concrete steps are in very bad shape. There are several large cracks and entire steps have started to come apart and crumble. Not only does this worsen this home’s appearance but it is also very structurally unsound and can potentially create a safety hazard if someone trips or falls over a broken piece. These concrete steps are desperately in need of repair

On the right we see the completed concrete steps. The damaged areas have been removed and not only have these steps been repaired but they have also been improved with the addition of 12″x12″ tiles. The tiles are not only a great aesthetic feature but also add another level of structural strength to these steps and can easily be replaced and repaired if they are ever damaged. Our clients were very happy with how these concrete steps turned out and they will continue to serve this Niles area home for many years to come.

Niles, Il 60714 – Concrete Steps – During

Here is a photo of us working on this Niles area step repair project. We are currently in the process of removing the damaged areas to prepare for the installation of the new concrete and tiles. Our advertising board is displayed on the left and our workers are putting together the materials to properly complete this project. Our professional expertise and excellent quality service was what allowed us to complete this Niles are concrete step project so successfully.

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