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Northbrook, Il Brick Repair Description

We have professionally offered our brick repair and installation services to the city of Northbrook, Il 60062 60065since 1987. Brick repairs involve removing, reinstalling, and replacing the damaged or deteriorating bricks and mortar on a home or building. During the brick repair new materials are installed in the damaged area The new materials are usually made to match the surrounding area but we can always make changes based on our clients’ requests. Because of their attractive natural appearance and reliable durability bricks are very practical and popular materials that are used to build or repair most Northbrook, Il homes and buildings.

We have offered our brick repair services to Northbrook, Il for over 26 years. For brick and mortar to be properly installed and maintained all repairs and installations should only be handled by qualified, licensed professionals. We have extensive experience performing brick repairs in the Northbrook, Il area and due to our professional skills and knowledge we always complete our brick repair projects to the highest level of quality and service.

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Northbrook, Il Brick Repair General Information

  • We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured for all brick repair projects in Northbrook, Il.

  • We are able to handle necessary permits for Northbrook, Il brick repair projects.

  • We have many excellent Northbrook, Il area brick repair references.

  • Most Northbrook brick repairs require only one or two days to complete depending on the project.
  • We complete our Northbrook brick repairs promptly and professionally.


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We provide free estimates on all Northbrook, Il brick repair projects. We can also prepare “instant-quotes” online if you email us photos of your work along with a short description.

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Northbrook, Il Brick Repair Photos

Northbrook, Il 60062 60065 – Brick Repair – Before

This is a brick repair project that we completed on the side of a chimney in Northbrook, Il. This large red brick chimney had served this house for decades however due to frequent use, natural weathering, and structural settling from the house and the chimney cracks and recesses had started to develop in the bricks and mortar and repairs became necessary. A brick repair was necessary because not only did this this chimney look neglected but it would have continued to deteriorate and would eventually create a safety hazard for anyone or anything in its vicinity. Our brick repair services were necessary to return this Northbrook chimney back to its proper condition.

Northbrook, Il 60062 60065 – Brick Repair – After

This is the completed Northbrook, Il brick repair that we performed on this chimney. We can clearly see that several courses of damaged bricks which were harming this chimney have been removed and that completely new bricks and mortar have been installed in their place. The brick repair project was a wise and effective investment as there are no more holes or cracks left in either the bricks or the mortar. We see that all the bricks are straight and that all of the mortar is smooth and evenly distributed thanks to the work that we completed during the brick repair process. This Northbrook brick repair project was successfully completed and this chimney will now continue to serve this home for many years to come.

Northbrook, Il 60062 60065 – Wall Brick Repair – Before

This is a brick repair project that we completed on the brick column of a garage in Northbrook, Il. This brick wall faces this home’s driveway and over the years water, ice, dirt, debris, and every day wear and tear had damaged the bricks in this area to the point where repairs were needed. There were holes and cracks in the bricks and mortar and there were also several spots with discoloration, uneven mortar, and general debris. At this point in our brick repair project we are removing all of this excess debris in order to install new materials to repair the brick column on this Northbrook garage.

Northbrook, Il 60062 60065 – Wall Brick Repair – During

This is our Northbrook brick repair project in progress. We see that all of the previously damaged bricks and mortar as well as dirt and debris have been removed ad that we have put new bricks in their place. Our brick repair project is not yet complete as we still have to finish installing, shaping, and setting the mortar however we can see the general shape of how our completed project will look. By applying a generous amount of mortar and then smoothing and shaping it we ensure a good bond between the bricks that will support the structural foundation of this garage and prevent any more damage from occurring to these bricks.

Northbrook, Il 60062 60065 – Wall Brick Repair – After

This is the finished brick repair that we performed on the brick column of the garage of this Northbrook, Il home. The damaged bricks, mortar, and loose debris have all been removed and new bricks and mortar have been properly installed to replace the deteriorating materials. Our brick repair project was completed successfully as we can see by the straight and intact bricks and the smooth and generous mortar. Thanks to our brick repair work the brick column on this Northbrook garage will hold up and look great for years to come.

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