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Professional Chimney Repair In Evanston, IL 60201 60202

We have provided our professional chimney repair services to all of Evanston, Il since 1987. Chimney repair projects require repairing and replacing the broken bricks, stones, mortar, cement, concrete, caps, seals, or liners on deteriorating chimneys. Evanston property owners know that chimney repairs are important and cost-effective investments necessary for the proper maintenance of your home or building. We have provided our professional chimney repair services to the town of Evanston, Il for over 26 years. As professional craftsmen we believe that it is our duty to help make sure that all chimneys in Evanston are correctly installed and properly repaired. We have built our business around our knowledge and reputation as reliable chimney repair experts and our professional experience allows us to always provide top quality craftsmanship and excellent customer service on every one of our projects. We plan our chimney repair projects very carefully to make sure that our workers, clients, and their properties are kept safe during our projects and we always keep our Evanston clients fully informed of the progress of their work. More information about our chimney repair services is available on our main chimney repair page. For reviews, references, or general information please call us at 847 482-1800 or email us at [email protected].

Evanston, Il Chimney Repair General Information

      • We have all of the insurance, licensing, and bonding necessary to perform chimney repair work in Evanston, Il.
      • We can obtain permits for any Evanston chimney repair project.
      • We have great references for chimney repairs and related work in Evanston, Il.
    • We complete all of our Evanston chimney repair projects promptly, safely, and professionally.

Schedule Chimney Repair Estimate in Evanston, Il

We are available each day to prepare free estimates on Evanston chimney repairs. We also offer online “instant-quotes” if you email us photos of your work along with a brief description. To schedule a free Evanston, Il chimney repair estimate: Call us at: 847 482-1800 Email us at: [email protected]

Evanston, Il Chimney Repair Photos

Evanston, Il 60201 60202 – Chimney Repair – Before

This is a chimney repair project that we completed on a home in Evanston, Il. This tall and well-built chimney had served this home well for decades however frequent use, natural weathering from wind and rain, and structural settling from the house and the chimney itself has created many cracks and holes in both the bricks and mortar on this chimney. This chimney not only looks neglected, but if repairs are not made soon then it can pose a safety hazard to anyone or anything below as potential debris might fall off the chimney and cause harm. To complete this Evanston chimney repair project we will have to access the damaged areas in order to remove all of the damaged materials so we can install new bricks and mortar in their place.

Evanston, Il 60201 60202 – Chimney Repair – During

This is the in-progress Evanston chimney repair project that we completed. In this photo we have set up our ladders and scaffolding in order to access the damaged bricks and mortar that we need to replace in order to repair this chimney. Most chimney repair projects require that we access hard to reach places and this Evanston project is a great example of our ability to carefully set up our equipment and to safely access all of the areas that we need to repair. The chimney area that we need to repair is approximately 20 feet off the ground however due to our professional skills and experience we can safely access the area to complete this chimney repair.

Evanston, Il 60201 60202 – Chimney Repair – After

This is our completed Evanston, Il chimney repair project. We can see that all of the damaged bricks and mortar have been removed and replaced with new materials. The new bricks are all intact and straight and flush and the mortar has been applied smoothly and evenly. The scaffolding we set up to complete our chimney repair has been removed and this entire project has been completely safely and professionally. Thanks to our professional chimney repair work this Evanston chimney is now back to perfect structural shape, looks great, and will continue to serve as a great asset to this home for many years to come.

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