When working in realty, you come across homes on the market in all different states and conditions– some are in a perfect turnkey state and some are fixer-uppers. You often tour through homes that are in need of chimney sweeps, brick pavement repair, and fireplace rebuilds. Certain problems are easily diagnosed and others are more complicated. On that note, if any of these issues arise among the homes you are listing, as masonry contractors we can take care of them for you!

Occasionally, a window frame may require brick repair. We recommend you repair this sooner rather than later because this is not followed up on, leaking water could potentially cause damage that is worse.
As the most visible part of the fireplace, it is easy to see the cracks in it. Although cracks are admittedly unsightly, aesthetics are not the only reason to fix them.

Older steps are often crumbling and require tuckpointing contractors. If you seek steps, sidewalks, or paver repair, we’ve got you covered.
Broken chimneys can appear like too much work for potential home buyers.

Not only do we have 30 years of experience in the masonry restoration and tuckpointing industry, we also work hand in hand with realtors. For realtors’ convenience, we will conveniently adjust to your schedule and anticipate any issues. Calling all realtors! To obtain more information, feel free to contact us and we’ll go over your projects with you. As a leader among masonry and tuckpointing companies, we are happy to help you and clear up any questions or concerns you may have.