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Bannockburn, Il Brick Repair Description

We have been offering our professional brick repair and installation service to property owners in Bannockburn, Il since 1987. Brick repair projects consist of removing and replacing damaged bricks and mortar. When the new brick and mortar materials are installed they are generally made to match the surrounding areas but we can always make changes during the brick repair work to accommodate our clients’ requests. Due to their warm and natural style and high durability bricks are very popular building materials and are used to construct and repair many residential and commercial properties in the Bannockburn, Il area.

We have provided Bannockburn, Il residents with our brick repair services for over 26 years. In order for brick and mortar on homes and buildings to be correctly maintained all repairs and installations should be completed only by licensed and insured professionals. Every one of our brick repair professionals has many years of experience completing brick repair work in Bannockburn, Il and all of its neighboring areas. Due to our expert skills and professional qualifications we are able to always complete our brick repair projects to the highest level of quality and service that our Bannockburn, Il clients expect.

Further information regarding our brick repair service can be accessed on our main brick repair page. References, reviews, and all other information is available if you contact us by phone at 847 482-1800 or by email at 

Bannockburn, Il Brick Repair General Information

  • We are licensed, bonded, and insured to perform brick repair work in Bannockburn, Il.

  • We can obtain permits for Bannockburn, Il brick repair projects.

  • We have positive references for brick repair work in Bannockburn, Il.

  • Most Bannockburn brick repairs can be completed in one or two days depending on the size of the project.
  • We complete our Bannockburn brick repair work promptly and professionally without disturbing our clients or their neighbors.


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We are available each day to offer free Bannockburn, Il brick repair estimates. We also offer “instant-quotes” if you email us photos of your work along with a short description.

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Bannockburn, Il Brick Repair Photos


Bannockburn, Il 60015 Brick Repair – Before

Here is a brick repair project that we performed on a 4 foot high wall surrounding a home in the Bannockburn, Il area. We can see that this beautiful brick wall which has served this home well is in need of repairs in several areas. There are chipped and damaged bricks in various places and a few of the top most layers of mortar have started to erode and fall away. If this brick wall is not repaired soon this damage will continue to worsen and this wall will further deteriorate. In order to repair this brick wall we will have to grind and hammer out all of the damaged bricks and mortar in order to install new materials in their place. A professionally completed brick repair project will easily bring this Bannockburn, Il area brick wall back up to its best possible shape.


Bannockburn, Il 60015 Brick Repair – After

This is the brick wall repair project that we completed in the Bannockburn, Il area. We can see that all of the damaged bricks have been completely removed, replaced, and repaired and now we have completely new and intact bricks making up this brick wall. The old mortar has also been completely removed and new mortar has been applied in order to repair all the cracks and holes that had started to develop around these bricks. We also repaired the gap in the limestone cap that sits on top of this brick wall. All of the damage on this brick wall has been completely repaired during our brick repair project and now this Bannockburn, Il area home will look great for many years to come.

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