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Lincolnwood, Il Tuckpointing Description

We have offered our professional tuckpointing service to the village of Lincolnwood, Il since 1987. Tuckpointing is the process of repairing bricks, stones, mortar, and concrete by grinding them down in order to apply new shaped mortar and cement in order to strengthen masonry joint lines. Tuckpointing is an effective and economical way to repair and improve any brick, stone, or concrete area because it refreshes the worked upon mortar while also removing debris and strengthening existing structural bonds. Tuckpointing improves the structural integrity of brick and stone areas and helps many walls, planters, and other masonry fixtures extend their life-cycle. Homes in Lincolnwood, Il are very frequently built with stone, brick, and concrete materials and tuckpointing these masonry fixtures helps them maintain their durability and appearance.

We have over 26 years of professional experience offering our tuckpointing services to Lincolnwood, Il home and business owners. Lincolnwood residents do a great job of maintaining the brick, stone, and concrete elements on their buildings and properties and we are proud to offer our tuckpointing services to help them accomplish their home maintenance goals. Our tuckpointing professionals have years of experience working on tuckpointing projects in Lincolnwood, Il and we always provide the highest quality workmanship and attentive customer service to all of our Lincolnwood clients.

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Lincolnwood, Il Tuckpointing General Information

  • We complete all of our Lincolnwood tuckpointing projects promptly and professionally.
  • We are licensed, bonded, and insured to complete tuckpointing projects in Lincolnwood, Il.
  • We are able to handle necessary permits for tuckpointing work in Lincolnwood, Il.
  • We have positive references for tuckpointing projects completed in Lincolnwood, Il and the surrounding areas.
  • Most tuckpointing projects we complete in Lincolnwood, Il require only one to two days to complete.


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Lincolnwood, Il Tuckpointing Photos

Lincolnwood, Il 60712 – Tuckpointing Project 1

Here is a tuckpointing project that we completed in the Lincolnwood, Il area. This brick wall was well-built however over the years natural weathering and rain water had eroded and washed out most of the mortar on this wall. We can see in the darker areas that have not yet gone through the tuckpointing process there there is not a lot of mortar and that the corners of these bricks are completely exposed and vulnerable to damage. Additionally, the lack of mortar weakens this wall and allows cracks and holes to develop which lead to leaks and drafts which create further problems. In order to repair all of these issues a tuckpointing project is necessary. We first grinded down the entire wall and right now we are applying a generous layer of mortar to all of the depleted areas. As the mortar dries we will shape it to give this tuckpointing project a consistent and completed treatment that will look great while keeping this Lincolnwood area brick wall safe for many years to come.

Lincolnwood, Il 60712 – Tuckpointing Project 2

This is another tuckpointing project that we completed in the Lincolnwood, Il area. We can see that just as in the photo above this brick wall has also had a lot of its mortar washed away. The top area has gone through the tuckpointing process and is currently drying while the bottom part has not yet been worked on. We can see that the mortar on the lower levels is cracked and depleted and while the top area that has already received the tuckpointing procedure has a smooth and consistent appearance. To complete the top we had gone through to grind away all old mortar and debris and installed and smoothed new mortar in its place. The finished result is evident on top. Not only do the top bricks look more consistent but the top area is now structurally stronger thanks to the additional bonding provided by the new mortar that we applied to this Lincolnwood area brick wall during the tuckpointing process.

Lincolnwood, Il 60712 – Tuckpointing Project 3

This is a Lincolnwood, Il tuckpointing project that we are completing on this wall we can see the difference between the bottom which has gone through the tuckpointing process and the top which has not. The mortar between the bricks on the top is uneven and depleted whereas the areas on the bottom have a thick and solid layer of mortar keeping them all together. Tuckpointing is not only useful for fixing major problems, but it can also prevent potential damage from occurring and makes an area look great by filling in any loose cracks and holes and by solidifying and improving all the bonds between different bricks and materials. Tuckpointing helps give walls a consistent and even appearance while also adding an additional comprehensive layer of support to any masonry feature. As we can see on this Lincolnwood, Il wall tuckpointing is a practical and cost-effective procedure that can easily improve any masonry structure.

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