Brick Repair - Niles, Il 60714

Niles, Il Brick Repair Description

We have been providing our professional brick repair services to Niles, Il since 1987. Brick repairs consist of removing and then re-installing old or damaged bricks and mortar in order to repair the brickwork on a home. The new bricks and mortar are usually installed to match the old materials but we are always able to substitute in any new materials based on our clients’ requests. Because of their durability and appearance bricks are very popular building materials and most homes in Niles, Il 60714 are constructed with bricks for these reasons.

In order to keep bricks in the best shape possible proper installation and regular maintenance and occasional repairs are required. We are proud to have provided these professional brick installation and repair services to Niles, Il 60714 residents and their homes and businesses for over 26 years. Our brick repair professionals are well experienced working on brick homes and buildings in Niles, Il and always provide the quality service and craftsmanship that our clients expect.

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Niles, Il Brick Repair General Information

  • We are licensed, bonded, and insured for brick repair work in Niles, Il.

  • We can obtain all necessary permits for brick repairs in Niles, Il.

  • We have many excellent brick repair references from the Niles area.

  • We complete brick repair projects quickly and safely with minimal interruption to our Niles clients or their neighbors.

  • Most brick repair projects in Niles, Il require a day or two to complete depending on the size of the project.


Schedule Brick Repair Estimate in Niles, Il

You can reach us 7 days a week to schedule an appointment to receive free estimates on all brick repair projects in Niles, Il. We also offer “instant-quotes” online if you email us photos of your work along with a description.

To schedule an estimate for a brick repair project in Niles, Il:

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Niles, Il Brick Repair Photos

Niles, Il 60714 Brick Repair 1 – Before

This brick repair project was completed in the Niles, Il area on the corner of a brick wall. Though this was a smaller brick repair project the fact that it had to be completed underneath the windows made it more challenging because we had to use extra caution to make sure that we did not damage the window framing or glass. We also had to remove one of the concrete parapets and replace it while performing our brick repair. In order to complete this Niles area brick repair project had to very carefully hammer out the damaged bricks and mortar from between the existing, healthy bricks and then re-install new bricks and mortar in their place.

Niles, Il 60714 Brick Repair 1 – After

This is the completed brick repair project from this Niles area home. We clearly see that the old parapet has been removed and replaced with an intact parapet and that all the old, damaged bricks and mortar have been hammered out and replaced with new bricks and mortar. The new mortar is currently drying but we can see that this entire brick wall is now structurally sound and looks great thanks to our brick repair work. We can also see that we were successful in repairing this brick corner without damaging any of the electrical, gas, or water lines running along the building and we were also able to avoid disturbing the glass or windows in any way.

Niles, Il 60714 Brick Repair 2 – Before

The bricks and mortar on the side of this Niles area home were in very bad shape. We see that there is a long crack along the mortar joints as well as several cracks going straight through the bricks themselves. These Niles area homeowners hired us to repair these bricks in order to brick the structural integrity and appearance of this brick wall back up to its full potential. In order to complete this brick repair project we would first have to completely remove all the old bricks and mortar by hammering or grinding them out to create space for the new brick and mortar installation.

Niles, Il 60714 Brick Repair 2 – After

Here is the Niles, Il area brick wall repair project after it has been completed. We see that all of the old bricks and mortar have been replaced and this wall is now completely repaired. The process for most brick repairs is very similar to what we performed here. The old bricks and mortar which were causing leaks, drafts, and structural damage are now gone and this newly repaired brick wall will now provide solid support to the rest of this Niles area house and will look great for many years to come.

For more information about our brick repair services click on this link or on the photos above. We also offer other professional exterior repair services in Niles, Il 60714.