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Northfield, Il Brick Repair Description

We have provided Northfield, Il residents with professional brick repair services since 1987. Brick repairs involve removing and replacing any cracked, broken, or crumbling bricks and mortar in order to repair a given area. Most often the new materials are installed to match the previous or surrounding area but changes to the bricks, stone, or mortar can always be made. Thanks to their warm natural appearance, availability, and durability brick and stone materials are highly popular and are used to build many homes and buildings in Northfield, Il.

For proper results all brick, stone, and mortar installations and repairs should only be made by qualified professionals. We are proud to have established ourselves as leading brick and stone repair and installation professionals in Northfield, Il over our 26 years of service. Our brick repair specialists have years of experience performing brick and stone repairs in Northfield, Il and we always provide the high quality workmanship and customer service that our Northfield clients expect.

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Northfield, Il Brick Repair General Information

  • We are bonded, licensed, and insured to complete brick repair projects in Northfield, Il.

  • We can handle required permits for brick repair work in Northfield, Il.

  • We have strong Northfield, Il and North Shore area brick and stone repair references.

  • We complete our Northfield brick repair work safely and professionally without disturbing our clients.

  • Most Northfield, Il brick repair work requires only one or two days to complete.


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We are available each day to offer free estimates on all Northfield, Il brick repairs. We also prepare “instant-quotes” online if you email us photos of your project along with a description.

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Northfield, Il Brick Repair Photos

Northfield, Il 60063 – Brick Repair – Before

This is a brick repair project that we completed on the side of this home in the Northfield, Il area. This brick wall is separating a window from a door, bearing the weight of the roof, and is being used as an anchor for this metal hand-railing. As a result of the stresses and pressures on this area cracks have started to develop in the mortar between these bricks and several of the brick courses themselves have started to become uneven and displaced. In order to repair this area we will have to remove all of the bricks and mortar and re-install them properly, making sure that we properly support all of the surrounding elements in the process.

Northfield, Il 60063 – Brick Repair – After

This is the same Northfield, Il area brick repair project after we have finished our work. We see that all of the old bricks and mortar were completely removed and that entirely new brickwork has been installed in this area. The window and door still have the support that they need and we were also able to re-install the metal hand-railing. This area had previously been cracked and uneven but thanks to our repair work now all of the bricks are flush and the mortar is straight and smooth. Our brick repair project was successful and the brick wall on this Northfield, Il home should stay in great shape for many years to come.

Further information about our brick repair services can be accessed on our main brick repair page. We offer full exterior repair and installation services in Northfield, Il 60063.