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Masonry structures have been created for more than 6,000 years.   Buildings created from masonry are incredibly strong and can be designed as basic functional structures resistant to penetration, earthquakes, and fires.  They can withstand extremely high temperatures and direct fire exposure for up to 4 hours. In a fire, masonry near me Chicago will not burn, distort, or melt.  Built on strong foundations, they are used for many manufacturing, distribution, and storage facilities. But masonry doesn’t stop there.  Because structures can be built from materials other than basic concrete block and brick, more exotic materials such as granite, adobe, marble, stone, glass block and other materials can be incorporated into a masonry structure. 
 Masonry can be used to create some of the most beautiful and incomparable buildings ever made.  Three examples of masonic architectural beauty are The Colosseum, The Taj Mahal, and the Great Pyramids of Egypt.  

Masonry walls are often used in higher-end hotels and clad in a skin of drywall, stucco, or other aesthetically pleasing materials.  They can withstand extremely high temperatures and direct fire exposure for up to 4 hours. Concrete masonry can confine a fire to a single room until firefighters arrive. Beyond their resistance to penetration, earthquake damage, and fires, they also provide an amazing sound barrier between rooms and from outside noises.
 Masonry takes the larger materials identified above and binds them together with a cement-based material called mortar.  Mortar is a building material that acts like a glue, binding these materials together.  Mortar is made of cement, fine sand, water, and lime.
 Care must be taken in the construction of masonry structures as factors such as the quality of the component and mortar materials, the design of the foundation, and workmanship can greatly influence the integrity of the structure.  These are key reasons to use a qualified masonry contractor for all your masonry work, including masonry repair and masonry restoration.
Because of their many advantages over other building materials, homes and other structures build from concrete block or brick often receive tax breaks, lower permit fees, faster approvals, and lower insurance costs.

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Stability starts with the foundation

Like any structure, quality starts at the bottom.  Working with other qualified structural engineers and contractors, Delta Masonry Tuckpointing can help you establish the best foundation for your building needs.  Specifications, costs, and options will all be provided.

Wall materials – a double thick layer of bricks, blocks, or other materials will be significantly more stable and solid than a single layer. If you are considering a brick structure, there are three grades to choose from: severe weathering, medium weathering and no weathering. For an outdoor wall, you must choose either severe or medium weathering. No weathering bricks are strictly for interior use.

Delta Masonry Tuckpointing can provide you with design and material recommendations for interior and exterior brick walls.. We provide you with the more precise cost and material specification information, before beginning your masonry project.
Our materials and labor are guaranteed for “X” years.

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