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Northfield, Il Concrete Description

We have provided Northfield, Il 60063 with professional concrete repairs and installations since 1987. Concrete is a highly popular and practical material used to build most driveways, sidewalks, walkways, patios, porches, steps, stairs, and many other structures. Concrete is strong and durable and has a clean look which makes it an very suitable material for most building projects. When properly installed and maintained concrete will remain in excellent shape for many years making it a great choice for any repair, improvement, or construction project.

We have repaired and installed concrete in Northfield, Il for over 26 years. Our concrete services help ensure that the concrete fixtures on Northfield homes and buildings is always in the best possible shape. We complete all of our Northfield concrete projects to the highest level of quality and customer service and we greatly value our strong reputation as reliable and professional concrete contractors in Northfield, Il.

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Northfield, Il Concrete General Information

  • Our business is licensed, bonded, and insured to complete Northfield, Il concrete projects.

  • We are can handle necessary Northfield concrete permits and applications.

  • We have great references and reviews for concrete work in the Northfield, Il and North Shore area.

  • We complete our Northfield, Il concrete projects quickly and professionally.


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We can prepare free estimates and consultations every day for all Northfield, Il concrete projects. We also offer “instant-quotes” online if you email us photos of your work along with a description.

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Northfield, Il Concrete Photo

Northfield, Il 60063 – Concrete

This is a concrete porch that we installed in the Northfield, Il 60063 area. These homeowners had rebuilt the entire front of their home and wanted to complete their project by installing a spacious concrete front porch to receive guest. This area had previously been nothing more than dirt and paving bricks which all had to be removed for us to install the new concrete. Once the area was cleared away we smoothed out the underlying dirt and installed all of the necessary wooden framing to create a mold for the new concrete. We then installed all necessary gravel and wire mesh and finally poured the new concrete. As the concrete was drying we smoothed and shaped it so that it would properly harden and set. The photo above shows the successful installation of this concrete front porch which will be a great asset on this Northfield, Il area home for many years to come.

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