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Wilmette, Il Concrete Description

We have completed concrete installation and repair projects in Wilmette, Il since 1987. Concrete is a practical and popular material for sidewalks, driveways, patios, steps, and many other interior and exterior building fixtures due to its durability and clean look. To stay in great shape concrete must be correctly installed by licensed professionals and properly maintained by homeowners. Many Wilmette, Il homes and buildings are built using concrete for various structural and aesthetic features and we work to help make sure that these elements remain in the best shape possible.

We have over 26 years of professional experience repairing and installing concrete fixtures in Wilmette, Il 60091. Our concrete installation specialists are familiar with Wilmette, Il homes and the level of craftsmanship and service that their owners expect.

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Wilmette, Il Concrete General Information

  • We are licensed, bonded, and insured to install and repair concrete in Wilmette, Il.

  • We can obtain any necessary permits for concrete projects in Wilmette, Il.

  • We have references for concrete work from the Wilmette, Il and surrounding areas available by request.

  • We complete concrete projects quickly and professionally with minimum disruption to our Wilmette clients or their neighbors.


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We are available every day to provide free estimates on all Wilmette, Il concrete projects. We also provide online “instant-quotes” if you email us your photos with a brief description.

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Wilmette, Il 60091 – Concrete Project

Here is a concrete project that we completed on the side of a home in the Wilmette, Il 60091 area. Over the years this area had become damaged due to use and weathering and the only way to repair it was to install a completely new concrete walkway. In order to install the new concrete we removed all of the old materials and debris as we see in the left photo. We then leveled the area, install wire mesh and gravel, and then finally poured the new concrete. As the new concrete was drying we cut, smoothed, and shaped it. After drying the new concrete was properly installed as we can see on the photo on the right. The new concrete is smooth and intact and looks great next to this Wilmette, Il area home.


Wilmette, Il 60091 – Concrete Project

This is another concrete project that we completed in the Wilmette, Il area. This concrete patio had fallen into a state of disrepair and in order to repair it these homeowners asked us to remove the old area and to install completely new concrete. We began by demolishing the entire area and hauling away all debris. We then smoothed out the underlying area, built temporary wooden framing, and installed all necessary gravel and wire mesh. Once the area was prepared we were able to pour the new concrete. As the concrete was drying we properly smoothed and shaped it and spread decorative pebbles over the surface per our client’s request. Once the concrete dried this new concrete patio was completely smooth, level, and intact thanks to our proper and professional installation work. This new concrete patio will look great for many years and our Wilmette area clients were very happy with our service.

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