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Glenview, Il Concrete Description

We have provided Glenview, Il with professional concrete repair and installation services since 1987. Concrete is both practical and popular and is the predominant building material used on driveways, sidewalks, walkways, patios, steps, stairs, and many other building fixtures. Concrete has a clean look and great strength and durability which is what makes it such an excellent material for so many building projects. Properly installed and correctly maintained concrete will remain in great shape for many years and is a great investment to use on any construction or repair project.

Our business has been repairing and installing concrete projects of all types in Glenview, Il for over 26 years. Our professional concrete services help ensure that the concrete on Glenview homes and businesses always remains in the best possible shape and our concrete professionals always complete our Glenview concrete projects with the highest degree of workmanship and customer service.

Further information about our professional concrete services is posted on our main concrete page. We can also be reached directly at 847 482-1800 or by email at  for information on references, reviews or any general questions regarding our Glenview, Il concrete services.

Glenview, Il Concrete General Information

  • Our business is bonded, licensed, and insured to complete Glenview, Il area concrete projects.

  • We are able to handle necessary concrete permits in the Glenview, Il area.

  • We have positive references and reviews for concrete work in the Glenview, Il area.

  • We complete all of our Glenview, Il concrete projects quickly and professionally.


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We offer free estimates and consultations 7 days a week for all Glenview, Il concrete projects. We also provide “instant-quotes” by email if you send us photos of your work along with a description.

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Glenview, Il Concrete Photos

Glenview, Il 60025 60026 – Concrete – Before

This is a concrete project that we completed in Glenview, Il. The concrete apron in front of this garage had started to crack and chip in certain areas and the homeowners decided that it was time to repair it by having new concrete installed. Concrete is generally a very durable material but as we can see in the picture this concrete apron came right up to the driveway and years of being driven on by heavy vehicles had taken its toll on both the driveway as evidenced by the light colored streaked and on the apron. The cracked indent area on the left side of the apron and to a lesser extent the small indent on the right were caused by repeated tire contact over years if not decades. The new concrete apron in front of this Glenview garage will have to come up to the driveway as flush as possible to minimize impact during future use.

Glenview, Il 60025 60026 – Concrete – After

In this photograph we see the completed concrete apron in front of this Glenview garage. The old, cracked concrete has been completely broken down and removed and new gravel, wire mesh, and concrete has been poured in its place. We see that the shape of the new concrete is sloped smoothly into the driveway and it is also brushed down to make it easier for dirt, water, and debris to be brushed and washed away. This concrete apron is currently setting and drying and soon it will be fully hardened and completed and it will be able to serve these Glenview homeowners for years to come.

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