Chimney Repair - Riverwoods, Il 60015

Riverwoods, Il Chimney Repair Description

We have offered professional chimney repair service to Riverwoods, Il 60015 since 1987. Chimney repairs involve replacing or repairing the damaged stones, bricks, mortar, concrete, cement, caps, seals, or liners on deteriorating or crumbling chimneys. Riverwoods chimneys are well built features attached to beautiful homes which Riverwoods residents greatly value and diligently maintain.

Over 26 years of providing chimney repair services to Riverwoods, Il we have always seen it as our job to ensure that our Riverwoods clients always receive the highest quality chimney repair services possible. We greatly value our strong reputation as reliable and knowledgable chimney repair specialists and our extensive experience means that we always provide the best quality workmanship and service on every one of our Riverwoods chimney repair projects. We approach every chimney repair project carefully to mind the safety of everyone and everything involved and we perform our repairs promptly and properly while closely informing our Riverwoods about the progress of their chimney repair work.

Additional information regarding our chimney repair service is posted on our main chimney repair page. For more reviews, references, or any general information or questions please call directly us at 847 482-1800 or email us at .


Riverwoods, Il Chimney Repair General Information

  • We have all the necessary licensing, bonding, insurance to perform chimney repairs in Riverwoods, Il.

  • We are able to handle permits for Riverwoods, Il chimney repair work.

  • We have great chimney repair references in Riverwoods, Il and the general North Shore area.

  • We complete our Riverwoods chimney repairs safely and professionally.

  • Most Riverwoods chimney repairs take only one or two days to perform depending on the size of the project.


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We are available every day to prepare free estimates on all Riverwoods, Il 60045 chimney repair projects. We also offer online “instant-quotes” if you email us photos of your project along with a brief description.

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Riverwoods, Il Chimney Repair Photos


Riverwoods, Il 60015 – Chimney Repair – Before

This is a Riverwoods chimney repair project that we completed on a large but extensively eroded chimney in Riverwoods, Il 60015. This chimney served as a strong, great looking feature and practical asset on this Riverwoods home however over the years erosion from natural elements, particularly water running down the chimney cap, eroded away the mortar and some of the bricks on several of the top-most courses on this chimney. We can clearly see the damage as several courses of bricks have no visible mortar and there are a few damaged bricks along the corner of the chimney that need to be repaired. If this chimney does not receive necessary repairs it will continue to deteriorate and might pose a serious safety hazard to this home and anyone standing around it. In order to perform this Riverwoods chimney repair project we will have to dismantle some of the top courses of bricks and install new mortar along all the joint lines.


Riverwoods, Il 60015 – Chimney Repair – After

This is our completed Riverwoods, Il 60015 chimney repair project. We can see that all of the damaged bricks have been removed and that we have installed new mortar along every joint line as part of our chimney repair project. These are no more eroded or damaged areas and our chimney repair work properly filled in all holes and cracks with a generous layer of mortar which will prevent future damage which also increasing the structural strength and aesthetic appeal of this chimney. This was a much needed chimney repair project however our skills, expertise, and professional experience allowed us to complete the entire repair project safely and properly. This Riverwoods chimney repair was completed successfully and the homeowners were very pleased with our work.

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