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Arlington Heights, Il Tuckpointing Description

We have provided professional tuckpointing services to Arlington Heights, Il 60004 60005 since 1987. Tuckpointing is the process of repairing and refreshing brick, stone, mortar, and concrete. Tuckpointing involves grinding down and then installing new, shaped cement and mortar in order to effectively improve the strength and appearance of mortar and concrete joint lines. Tuckpointing improves structural integrity and helps many brick, stone, and concrete building fixtures last longer and look better. Many homes and businesses in Arlington Heights, Il are built with stone, brick, and concrete and tuckpointing these buildings helps these materials remain durable and fresh in appearance.

We have over 26 years of Arlington Heights tuckpointing experience that we bring to each and every project. Arlington Heights residents are great at taking care of the brick, stone, and concrete fixture on their homes and buildings and we have always seen it as our job help them with this goal. Our tuckpointing professionals have many years of experience performing tuckpointing in Arlington Heights and we always provide the highest quality craftsmanship and customer service.

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Arlington Heights, Il Tuckpointing General Information

  • Our Arlington Heights, Il tuckpointing projects are all completed quickly and safely.
  • We are insured, licensed, and bonded for all tuckpointing work in Arlington Heights, Il.
  • We can handle all permits as required for tuckpointing work in Arlington Heights, Il.
  • We have great tuckpointing references for Arlington Heights, Il and the surrounding areas.
  • Most Arlington Heights tuckpointing projects require one or two days to complete depending on the scale of the project.


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All of our Arlington Heights tuckpointing estimates are free of charge and we can meet or speak 7 days a week. We also offer online “instant-quotes” if you email us photos of your work along with a brief description.

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Arlington Heights, Il Tuckpointing Photos

Arlington Heights, Il 60004 60005 – Tuckpointing – Before

This is a tuckpointing project that we completed on the decorative bricks around the door and window frames on a home in the Arlington Heights, Il area. These beautiful, unique bricks served as a tasteful complement to this white stucco home, however over the years the mortar that had held these bricks in place had started to crack, crumble, and weather away. This is a perfect opportunity to perform a tuckpointing procedure to return these bricks back to optimal condition. In order to complete the tuckpointing on this Arlington Heights area home we will first have to grind down and remove the existing mortar and will then apply fresh, new shaped mortar.

Arlington Heights, Il 60004 60005 – Tuckpointing – After

This is the same Arlington Heights, Il area tuckpointing project from the photo above. We see that all of the old, crumbing, and uneven mortar has been removed and that new, fresh, smooth mortar has taken its place. We see that the color and texture of the new mortar complements the existing bricks very well and that the new mortar has a healthy and consistent look. This new mortar not only looks great but now that it has set and hardened it will stock leaks and drafts that may penetrate into the home and will support the structural integrity of this home’s exterior for years to come.

Click the photos above for further information about our full tuckpointing services. We also provide other exterior services to Arlington Heights, Il 60004 60005 area residents.

We Will Take Care of Your Masonry & Tuckpointing Needs in Arlington Heights
Delta Masonry & Tuckpointing & Chimney Repair

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No work is too challenging for our hardworking tuckpointing contractors in Arlington Heights! We can work on your residential or commercial space using nothing but the best tools and equipment in the market for top-notch brick repair within your budget. When you choose to avail of our services, you can have the guarantee that your fresh new brickwork for your home or business will last for a long time! This will help you save on maintenance expenses and have more funds to keep your household or business running. 

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