Chimney Repair


Chimney Repair Description

A chimney repair usually consists of repairing the bricks and mortar on a crumbling chimney. A chimney repair usually involves a little bit of brick repair, tuckpointing, and powerwashing work as well as some concrete work if the cap needs to be improved. Chimney repairs often also include liner replacements and sometimes even maintenance on the pipes or tubes that chute the smoke out of the chimney. However, the most common form of chimney repair usually just includes brick and mortar work. The bricks or mortar of most chimneys crumble over time and it then becomes necessary to perform a chimney repair on those areas for aesthetic as well as structural purposes.

A chimney repair will usually consist of first identifying the trouble areas and then removing the damaged bricks or mortar. Then we continue the chimney repair by installing new bricks and mortar in the previously damaged areas. If need be we can do a power wash during the chimney repair or even clean up and adjust the concrete cap. The end result of a chimney repair is a clean, straight chimney that both looks good and functions soundly.

Chimney repairs are important to make sure that your chimney stays in good shape. When a chimney starts crumbling it not only looks run down but it is also structurally unsound and may become a safety hazard if a chimney repair is not done. Likewise if bricks are out of place or crumbling it may negatively the smoke flow out of the chimney flutes. A proper chimney repair will fix your chimney and make sure that everything looks good and works well both on the inside and out.

At Delta C. Tuckpointing we have been doing chimney repairs for over two decades. Our expert craftsmen have the skills to complete any chimney repair project promptly and with the highest degree of quality.

Chimney Liner Repairs

Replacing damaged ceramic chimney liners is a very popular and effective way to prevent future chimney damage. Old ceramic liners easily crack and erode particularly on chimneys attached to high efficiency appliances. Installing new aluminum or stainless stell chimney liners allows for better air flow and prevents cooler air from higher-efficiency appliances from condensating inside the chimney and causing damage. See our gallery below for more information on our chimney liner service.

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Chimney Repair Gallery

Chimney Repair 1

Chimney Repair – Before

This moderately sized chimney had originally been well built, but years of use and weathering had left it chipped, decayed, and eroded. Chimneys in this condition will continue to quickly deteriorate and may cause structural damage and safety hazards if left unfixed. This particular chimney needed to be almost entirely rebuilt with completely new bricks.


Chimney Repair – After

After we rebuilt and repaired this chimney it looks brand new. We removed the old damaged bricks down to the base and installed new bricks and new mortar to make sure everything was structurally sound. We also completely tuckpointed and cleaned the surface to make sure that it was sealed and that it had a sharp, fresh look. A fully rebuilt chimney like this will look great and stay in excellent shape for years to come thanks to our full professional service.

Chimney Repair 2

Chimney Repair In Progress

This chimney repair required removing and replacing several bricks. Only a few bricks were originally missing from the chimney but the repair was still a good idea as it helped restore this brick chimney to its full beauty and made sure that it remained structurally sound. Chimney repairs aren’t always huge projects, sometimes just replacing a few bricks determines whether or not a chimney is safe and in good shape.

Chimney Repair Close-Up

Here we see a close-up view of the chimney repair in progress. We can see the gap from where the old brick used to be. The next step in this chimney repair is to install and mortar in a new brick. After the bricks and mortar set the chimney repair will be done and this chimney will be as good as new.

Chimney Repair 3

Chimney Repair – Before

A chimney repair project can consist of several elements. This chimney needs to have several bricks repaired and then it needs to be tuckpointed to fix its cracking mortar. It will also need its concrete cap replaced or repaired.

Chimney Repair in Progress

The first step in our chimney repair is to fix and tuckpoint the mortar. Most chimney repairs consist of either repairing the damaged bricks or mortar on a chimney as these are the most common present elements which can possibly be damaged.

Chimney Repair – Concrete Cap

The next step in our chimney repair is to repair and smooth out the concrete chimney cap. We can see that the tuckpointing phase of our chimney repair is already done and soon the chimney will look like new.

Chimney Repair – Complete

This chimney repair project has been completed. Note how the tuckpointing job improved the mortar around the bricks and how the concrete and cement work on the cap completed the chimney repair project by giving the entire chimney a nice smooth look.

Chimney Repair – Complete

The completed chimney repair from the original angle we looked at. We can see that the chimney repair improved the brick mortar and chimney cap. Our repairs will help keep the chimney strong and looking good for years to come.

Chimney Repair 4

Chimney Repair in Progress

Here our chimney repair professionals are finishing the repair of the top of this chimney. We see that the brick courses from the roof-line up have been redone.

Chimney Repair – Top View

This top view shows the excellent quality of the chimney repair project that was just completed. The bricks are flush and the mortar is well smoothed.

Chimney Repair – Darek

Here our chimney repair professional Darek is putting the finishing touches on this chimney. His years of experience are evident in the sharp, crisp mortar joints.

Chimney Repair – Cap Installation

After the rest of the chimney has been repaired our chimney repair team installs the grate onto the chimney cap. The chimney repair project is complete.

Chimney Repair 5

Chimney Repair – Before

This chimney needed to be rebuilt after a this home got renovated. Here we have the chimney half erected waiting to be completed. The base and position of the chimney is similar to what it was prior to the remodel however this was a good opportunity to rebuild this chimney and make it bigger and better.

Chimney Repair – After

The new, fully erected chimney. This chimney repair / rebuild project was completed successfully and the new chimney is bigger and better looking than its predecessor. Not only does it complement the look of the rest of the house but it also functions better as an exhaust for the fireplace.

Chimney Repair Close-up – After

This closer view of our completed chimney repair project shows us a full and well-constructed chimney. This chimney was properly repaired, rebuilt, and cleaned. This chimney was built while the rest of the home was being remodeled and it is now much larger and better suited to serving the needs of this home. This chimney acts as a venting system as well as a flu for three fireplaces.

Chimney Repair 6

Chimney Repair – Before

This chimney has a few crumbling bricks and a lot of cracking mortar around the top. It looks worn down and might become unsafe unless a chimney repair is done.

Chimney Repair – During

This chimney repair will consist mainly of filling in and replacing the existing mortar. We can see already how the chimney repair is improving the existing mortar.


Chimney Repair – During

A chimney repair is usually a fairly unobtrusive construction job and can usually be completed in one or two days. This particular chimney repair project mainly involved installing new mortar. Here we can see the chimney repair in progress from the bottom and top of the house.

Chimney Repair – During

Here we see the chimney as it was before the chimney repair. The mortar was heavily cracked and some of the corner bricks were chipped or out of place. The chimney repair was able to correct all that

Chimney Repair – After

After the chimney repair is done we can see that the chimney mortar is in much better shape and that all the bricks are in place. Thanks to the repair work this chimney is now structurally sounds and looks great.

Chimney Repair – After

A view from the lower side shows the completed chimney repair. We can see how the top dozen or so courses have been rebuilt and look newer, fresher, and stronger than the rest of the chimney.

Chimney Repair – After

A closer vertical view of the repaired chimney shows us how our work straightened out and tightened up the top of this chimney. This chimney will remain strong and good looking for years to come.

Chimney Repair With Scaffolding

A chimney repair can sometimes require scaffolding and ladders if the chimney is hard to reach. In this chimney repair project we had to set up a scaffold to complete the job.

Chimney Repair With Ladder

Chimney repairs that are high up and in very difficult places also require careful ladder use. Here we set up a 40 foot ladder to repair the top of this chimney.

Chimney Repair With Scaffolding

A chimney repair can sometimes require scaffolding and ladders if the chimney is hard to reach. In this chimney repair project we had to set up a scaffold to complete the job.

Chimney Repair With Scaffolding

A chimney repair can sometimes require scaffolding and ladders if the chimney is hard to reach. In this chimney repair project we had to set up a scaffold to complete the job.

Chimney Liner

Chimney Liner Replacement

Here is a chimney liner replacement project that we completed on a larger home. This long, wide chimney was starting to become damaged from the inside out due to water condensating inside from the cooler air generated by new high efficiency appliances. We were able to access the chimney area to install a new aluminum liner which encased the chimney flue to prevent future damage.