Park Ridge, Il Brick Repair Description

We have been offering our brick repair services to Park Ridge, Il since 1987. Brick repair work involves replacing old or damaged bricks and mortar in order to improve the brickwork on a home. Most often the new bricks and mortar are installed or repaired in a style consistent with the previously existing brickwork. Bricks are very popular building materials due to their strength and beauty and most homes built in the Park Ridge, Il area are built with bricks for these reasons.

We have provided our professional brick repair services to residents in Park Ridge, Il 60068 for over 26 years. Our brick repair experts are familiar with Park Ridge homes and offer the level of service and expertise that Park Ridge residents expect.

To see more about our brick repair services please take a look at the brick repair gallery on our main brick repair page. For references, reviews, or further information please take a look at our site or contact us directly at 847 482-1800 or email us at [email protected].

Park Ridge, Il Brick Repair General Information

  • We are licensed, bonded, and insured to perform brick repairs in Park Ridge, Il.
  • We handle permits as necessary for brick repairs in Park Ridge, Il.
  • We have many brick repair references from the Park Ridge area.
  • We can complete brick repair projects promptly and with minimal disruption to our Park Ridge clients.
  • Most brick repair work in Park Ridge, Il take either a day or two to complete, depending on the scope of the project.

Schedule Brick Repair Estimate in Park Ridge, Il

We are available 7 days a week to provide free estimates on all brick repair projects in Park Ridge, Il. We can also provide “instant-quotes” online if you email us photos of your project with a brief description. To schedule a brick repair estimate in Park Ridge, Il: Call us at: 847 482-1800 Email us at: [email protected]

Park Ridge, Il Brick Repair Photos

Park Ridge, Il 60068 – Brick Repair Project – During

This is a photo of an in-progress brick repair project that we completed on a home in Park Ridge, Il. The bricks on the front of this home were in bad shape and we had to remove and rebuild the front column as well as the steps and brick barrister in order to repair the extensive structural damage. We also had to grind and re-mortar the bricks on the right side of the stairs. We set up our scaffolding on the left to access the elevated spots in order to make sure that we repaired all the necessary bricks.

Park Ridge, Il 60068 – Brick Repair Project – During

In this photo we can see that we were able to complete the project successfully and we restored this home’s brickwork back to full health. The bricks and mortar on the walls and column on this home have been repaired and this home will stay in great shape for years to come.

Click on the photo for more information about our brick repair services. We also provide other exterior services in Park Ridge, Il 60068.