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Glenview, Il Chimney Repair Description

We have been providing professional chimney repair services to Glenview, Il 60025 60026 since 1987. A chimney repair project involves replacing or repairing deteriorated bricks, stones, mortar, caps, seals, or liners on damaged chimneys. Glenview chimneys are well built and their excellent construction coupled with diligent upkeep and repair work has kept them in great shape for decades.

In our 26 years of repairing chimneys in Glenview, Il we have always seen it as our job to make sure that Glenview residents always receive the highest quality professional chimney repair services. We greatly value our reputation as qualified, capable, and reliable chimney repair contractors and our extensive experience allows us to ensure that we always provide the highest quality workmanship and service on all of our projects. We always set up our chimney repair work sites with great care to our surroundings and we complete our repairs safely and promptly while always keeping our Glenview clients informed of how their chimney repair project is progressing.

Further information about our chimney repair service is available on our main chimney repair page. For reviews, references, or any information or questions please call us at 847 482-1800 or email us at [email protected].

Glenview, Il Chimney Repair General Information

  • We have the licensing, bonding, insurance, and qualifications to complete chimney repair projects in Glenview, Il.

  • We are able to handle permits as necessary for our Glenview, Il chimney repairs.

  • We have great chimney repair references in the Glenview area.

  • We complete every one of our Glenview chimney repair projects safely and professionally.

  • The majority of Glenview, Il chimney repair projects require only one or two days to complete.

Schedule Chimney Repair Estimate in Glenview, Il

We make ourselves available 7 days a week to offer free estimates on all Glenview chimney repairs. We also offer “instant-quotes” by email if you send us photos of your project along with a brief description.

To schedule a free chimney repair estimate in Glenview, Il:

Call us at: 847 482-1800

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Glenview, Il Chimney Repair Photos

Glenview, Il 60025 60026 – Chimney Repair – Before

This is a chimney repair project that we completed on a home in Glenview, Il. Though large and well-built this stone chimney had started to age and due to natural use and weathering the mortar keeping all these stones in place had started to crack, chip, and fall away. Additionally the concrete chimney cap on top had also started to crack and was showing signs of prolonged weathering. These deteriorating conditions posed a serious problem for the structural integrity of this chimney and also presents a potential safety hazard as concrete, mortar, debris, or stone could have easily fallen off of the chimney and struck anyone below. These Glenview homeowners wisely chose to repair their chimney and asked us to complete the project.

Glenview, Il 60025 60026 – Chimney Repair – After

This is the Glenview chimney repair project after all work has been completed. In order to repair this chimney we first removed all excess debris, dirt, and damaged bricks and mortar by powerwashing any excess materials. We then focused on the damaged areas more closely by grinding away any left-over mortar to make sure that all of the damaged material was removed and to make room for the installation of new mortar. After all the damaged areas were properly prepared we then finished the chimney repair by installing, shaping, and smoothing the new mortar. After the new mortar finished drying and setting it bonded to the surrounding stones sealing up any potential cracks and holes and reinforcing the structural integrity of this chimney. This chimney repair project is now fully completed and this Glenview, Il home will have a beautiful and well functioning chimney for many years to come.

The photos above link to our main chimney repair page. We also offer other exterior services in Glenview, Il 60025 60026.