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Deerfield, Il Brick Repair Description

We have been providing our professional brick repair and installation services to Deerfield, Il homes and business owners since 1987. Brick repair projects require removing the damaged bricks and mortar on a given area and replacing them with new materials. When the new brick and mortar materials are installed they can either be made to match the surrounding areas or if our clients have any specific request completely new bricks and mortar can also be installed. Thanks to their warm, natural style and very long term durability bricks are highly popular building materials and are used to construct and repair most residential and commercial properties in the Deerfield, Il area.

We have provided the residents and businesses of Deerfield, Il with our brick repair services for over 26 years. For the bricks and mortar on homes and buildings to be correctly maintained all the repairs and installations should be completed only by fully licensed and insured professionals. All of our brick repair professionals have many years of extensive experience completing brick repair projects in Deerfield, Il and all of its neighboring North Shore towns. Due to our knowledge, skill, and professional qualifications we are always able to complete our brick repair projects to the highest degree of quality and service that our Deerfield, Il clients require of us.

Additional information about our brick repair services is available on our main brick repair page. References, reviews, and further information is available if you contact us at 847 482-1800 or by email at [email protected]

Deerfield, Il Brick Repair General Information

  • We are licensed, bonded, and insured to for brick repair work in Deerfield, Il.

  • We can assist you in obtaining permits for Deerfield, Il brick repair projects.

  • We have positive references for brick repair work in Deerfield, Il and the surrounding areas.

  • Most Deerfield brick repairs can be completed in just one or two days depending on the size of the project.
  • We complete our Deerfield brick repairs promptly and professionally without interrupting our clients or their neighbors.

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We are available 7 days a week to offer free Deerfield, Il brick repair estimates. We can also prepare an “instant-quote” if you email us photos of your work along with a brief description.

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Deerfield, Il Brick Repair Photos

Deerfield, Il 60015 Brick Repair – Before

This is a brick repair project that we recently completed on a chimney in the Deerfield, Il 60015 area. This beautiful chimney had served this well built home for many years however natural weathering and use started to create damage on the paint, bricks, and mortar that was keeping this chimney together and it was time for a repair. We see several holes, chips, and gouges as well as multiple spots where the paint and faces of these bricks are starting to come off. If this brick chimney does not receive the proper repairs soon it will continue to deteriorate not only creating an eyesore on this otherwise lovely home but also creating a potential safety hazard to anyone or anything below if this structural damage continues to worsen.

Deerfield, Il 60015 Brick Repair – Before

In order to complete our brick repair project on this Deerfield area chimney we had to completely remove the top twenty or so courses of bricks and mortar in order to install new materials to make sure that this chimney was structurally sound. To begin this brick repair we first set up scaffolding and support frames to gain access to this elevated area and to protect the rest of the house and its occupants from any potential debris that fall off during our brick repair project. We hammered out and removed all of the old materials down to the level of the white paint that we currently see. In order to complete our brick repair we will finish installing these bricks and then apply a finishing layer of mortar to cement them into place.

Deerfield, Il 60015 Brick Repair – After

This is the Deerfield brick repair project that we completed on this chimney after all of the work has been completed. We see that the newly installed brick are straight and flush and completely intact and that all of the previous damage has been completely repaired. The new mortar that was applied in between all of the bricks will ensure that this chimney will get a lot of value out of this brick repair project as the new mortar will bond to all of the surrounding bricks in order to keep out future leaks and debris. This brick repair project has been completed successfully and this Deerfield area chimney will continue to look great and function effectively for many years.

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