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Buffalo Grove, Il Tuckpointing Description

We have professionally offered our tuckpointing services to Buffalo Grove, Il 60089 since 1987. Tuckpointing involves refreshing brick, stone, mortar, and concrete by grinding down and then installing new, shaped cement and mortar in order to repair and strengthen concrete and mortar joints. Tuckpointing projects will improve the structural integrity and appearance of any brick or concrete areas and help brick, stone, and concrete fixtures look better and last longer. Many Buffalo Grove buildings are built using brick, stone, and concrete and completing a tuckpointing project on these buildings helps ensure that they stay in the best shape possible.

We have over 26 years of experience performing tuckpointing work in Buffalo Grove, Il 60089. Buffalo Grove residents take excellent care of their brick, stone, and concrete fixtures and we have always seen it as our goal to help them take care of their properties in this way. Our professional tuckpointing crews have years of experience performing tuckpointing projects in Buffalo Grove and we always provide our clients with the highest quality customer service and workmanship.

Further information about our tuckpointing services can be found on our primary tuckpointing page. For reviews, references, or further questions and information you can also contact us at 847 482-1800 or by email at [email protected].

Buffalo Grove, Il General Tuckpointing Information

  • The tuckpointing projects we perform in Buffalo Grove, Il are all completed quickly and safely.
  • We are insured, licensed, and bonded to perform all tuckpointing work in Buffalo Grove, Il.
  • We are able to handle all required permits for tuckpointing work in Buffalo Grove, Il.
  • We have great references for tuckpointing from Buffalo Grove, Il and neighboring areas.
  • Most tuckpointing projects in Buffalo Grove require only one or two days to complete.

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All of our tuckpointing estimates in Buffalo Grove are completely free of charge and we can meet or speak with our clients 7 days a week. Additionally, we also offer online “instant-quotes” if you email us photos of your project along with a description.

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Buffalo Grove, Il Tuckpointing Photos

Buffalo Grove, Il 60089 – Tuckpointing

We completed this tuckpointing project on a decorative brick arch on a home in the Buffalo Grove, Il area. The beautifully styled bricks as well as the mortar on this wall had been installed several years ago however due to natural weathering cracks had started to develope in the mortar and bricks and the crumbling in the damaged areas was getting progressively worse. In order to strengthen this vulnerable and critical area on this brick wall we had to carefully grind and remove the damaged mortar and install new mortar in its place. Due to this being a relatively thin and unsupported area of the wall we had to be careful not to affect the structural integrity of the entire arch during the tuckpointing process. Our experienced tuckpointers were able to effectively repair and improve the mortar around all the bricks in question as well as on the limestone cap and now this brick arch can serve as a great aesthetic asset to this home for many years to come.

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