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We have offered our professional tuckpointing near Evanstonbrick repairchimney repairconcrete, and power washing services to the city of Evanston, Il 60201 60202 since 1987.

Evanston, Il is a suburban city of approximately 75,000 residents located North of Chicago. Evanston is a diverse and vibrant city with many new as well as historic single-family homes, apartments, student housing facilities, businesses, and schools. Evanston is also home to Northwestern University and is comprised of a generally well educated and successful population. Evanston homes, businesses, and buildings are built with durable, high quality, materials such as brick, stone, and concrete for both practical and stylistic reasons. Evanston also has a very robust and modernized commercial area featuring many offices, businesses, stores, and restaurants. Evanston residents work hard to show off the great homes and businesses in their town by taking proper care of their properties and they know that the best way to do this is to always hire qualified and experienced professionals to handle their repair work.

We have proudly offered all of our professional repair and installation services to the city of Evanston, Il for over 26 years. The key element to successful property maintenance is to always use experienced professionals for all your repair and installation projects. We have firmly established ourselves as reliable tuckpointing, brick repair, chimney repair, concrete, and power washing contractors in Evanston, Il. Our Evanston, Il clients and their neighbors know that we complete our projects promptly, safely, and professionally to the highest standards of quality and customer service. We provide free estimates and consultations on every project and have great references from Evanston, Il and the surrounding areas.

Evanston, Il 60201 60202 Service Area

Our Evanston, IL tuckpointing estimates are all free of charge and we are available 7 days a week. We also provide online ,,instant-quotes” if you send us an email with photos and a description of your work.

Brick Repair

As a trusted cleaning company offering a range of janitorial services, our brick repair service involves removing old damaged bricks and replacing them with new ones. When bricks crack or wear out, our janitorial services team uses the best methods of repairing a brick wall, which is to simply chisel or forge the existing bricks and replace them with new ones, or to mortar in the cracks to strengthen the bricks. Our cleaning companies team know that, unlike chinking, brick repairs are focussed on repairing or replacing the bricks themselves rather than the surrounding mortar. Though the repaired brick and the surrounding new mortar can be tucked in to make a clean cut and match the cut and style of the surrounding bricks, brick repair primarily involves replacing the broken brick itself.

Chimney Repair

Our janitorial services include doing chimney repair work, which involves repairing the bricks and mortar on a decaying chimney, and also usually includes brick repair, corrugating and washing, and some concrete work if the cap needs improvement. Our cleaning companies team does chimney repairs that include replacing liners and sometimes even maintaining the pipes or tubes that carry smoke away from the chimney. However, the most common form of chimney repair usually involves brick and mortar work. The brick or mortar of most chimneys crumbles over a period of time, at which point it becomes necessary to perform chimney repair on these areas for aesthetic and structural reasons.


Concrete is an ever popular and effective material for driveways, patios, and stairs; that said, over time, concrete can and does crack or chip and require replacement or repair, something our janitorial services are glad to do. Installing concrete involves removing any existing concrete, preparing the substrate and the form on which it is to be poured, and then pouring and curing the concrete, something some cleaning companies do. On occasion, concrete can be repaired or pressure washed, but usually a new installation is the most effective and long lasting way to repair severely damaged concrete. Another good way to maintain concrete is power washing. Power washing will help maintain the concrete and improve the appearance of the face when it is not clean.


Our janitorial services include tuckpointing work, which consists of grinding, cleaning, and/or filling in the mortar around bricks to give the bricks the appearance that they are cleaner, newer, and straighter. This kind of repair and straightening of the mortar surrounding bricks can make the bricks appear much newer and cleaner, a great process and result. Tuckpointing is often used when mortar has begun to chip, fade, or when it becomes quite dirty, and is usually the best option when a brick wall or chimney is starting to look a bit tired, jaded or in need of a quick face-lift. If your home has drafts, leaks, or heat loss, tuckpointing your bricks can also help plug up all the cracks that allow those elements to seep in or out.

Power Washing

With our janitorial services, we are one of the cleaning companies that offers power washing, a great option if your bricks look dirty or dark. Though many bricks have a great natural look, they are relatively soft and porous, and over time dirt, grime, and other deposits build up on and inside the bricks. When this happens, high-pressure washing is usually the best way to restore your bricks to a new look. Pressure washing typically involves pressure washing the bricks with water, sandblasting them, or chemically cleaning them to remove deposits or chemical build ups such as efflorescence. Call our janitorial services team for more information.