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Skokie, Il Brick Repair Description

We have provided our professional brick repair services to Skokie, Il since 1987. Brick repair projects involve removing old or damaged bricks and mortar and then re-installing new bricks and mortar in order to repair the brickwork on a given home. The new bricks and mortar are usually installed in a manner similar to the old materials however we are always able to accommodate any new requests that our clients might make. Brick is a very commonly used building material due to its durability and aesthetic appeal and most Skokie homes are built with bricks for these reasons.

Bricks do however require regular maintenance and occasional repairs to stay in good shape despite their obvious advantages and positive traits. We are proud to have provided our professional brick repair services to residents in Skokie, Il 60076 and 60077 for over 26 years to help Skokie homeowners maintain their brickwork. Our brick repair experts are familiar with the brick homes and buildings in Skokie and are able to deliver the degree of expertise and service that our Skokie clients expect.

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Skokie, Il Brick Repair General Information

  • We are licensed, bonded, and insured to repair all brickwork in Skokie, Il.

  • We can handle necessary permits for brick repairs in Skokie, Il.

  • We have many positive brick repair references from the Skokie area.

  • We can perform brick repair projects quickly and considerately with minimal disruption to Skokie homeowners.

  • Most brick repairs in Skokie, Il require either a day or two to complete based on the size of the project.


Schedule Brick Repair Estimate in Skokie, Il

We can be reached 7 days a week to provide free estimates on all brick repair projects in Skokie, Il. We also provide “instant-quotes” online if you email us photos of your work along with a brief description.

To schedule an estimate for a brick repair project in Skokie, Il:

Call us at: 847 482-1800

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Skokie, Il Brick Repair Photos

Skokie, Il 60076 60077 – Brick Repair Project – Before

Here is a brick repair project that we completed on the bricks planters in front of a white brick home in Skokie, Il. These planters had originally been beautifully and well built to complement the rest of this Skokie home’s beautiful white brick exterior however after several years and seasons of wear and tear they were in desperate need of a repair. In order to repair these planters we had to first remove all the bricks and clear out the surrounding mortar in order to install new bricks and mortar.

Skokie, Il 60076 60077 – Brick Repair Project – After

Here is our completed Skokie, Il brick repair project. We see that all the old and damaged mortar and brick pieces have been removed from the planters and new, matching white bricks were installed in their place. The bricks and mortar are strong and in one piece with straight, clear lines. The planters look fresh, solid, and clean and will serve as great features and accents on this Skokie home for years to come thanks to our completed brick repair project.


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