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Vernon Hills, Il Concrete Description

We have been providing our professional concrete repair and installation services to Vernon Hills, Il since 1987. Concrete is very practical and popular and it is the primary building material used to pour driveways, walkways, sidewalks, patios, steps, stairs, foundations, and many other structural features on homes and businesses. Healthy concrete looks great and has a high amount of functional strength and durability which is what makes it such an excellent construction material. When professionally installed and repaired concrete remains in great shape for many years and is a great investment for any property.

We have professionally repaired and installed concrete on residential, commercial, and public properties of all types in the Vernon Hills, Il area for over 26 years. Our professional, qualified service ensures that the concrete features on homes and businesses in Vernon Hills, Il are always in the best possible condition. Due to our extensive experience and attentive customer care our professional concrete workmen are always able to complete all concrete work in Vernon Hills, Il to the highest level of quality.

Further information about our concrete service is available on our primary concrete page. We can also be reached directly at 847 482-1800 or by email at  for further information on any references, reviews or general questions about our concrete services in Vernon Hills, Il.


Vernon Hills, Il Concrete General Information

  • Our business is licensed, bonded, and insured for Vernon Hills, Il concrete projects.

  • We can handle permits for Vernon Hills, Il concrete work.

  • We have many great references and reviews for concrete and related work that we have performed in the Vernon Hills, Il area.

  • We complete all our Vernon Hills concrete projects safely, quickly, and professionally.


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Vernon Hills, Il Concrete Photos


Vernon Hills, Il 60061 – Concrete – Before

This is a rear concrete patio and walkway project that we recently completed in the Vernon Hills, Il area. This back patio has been severely damaged by years of heavy use as well as natural weathering by elements such as water, ice, and plant life and desperately needs to be repaired. We can see several large cracks and gouges on the patio as well as buckling, unevenness, and general crumbling. Due to the extensive amount of damage we will have to completely remove all of the old patio in order to prepare the area to pour new concrete to give this Vernon Hills, Il area home a new, attractive, and functional back-yard concrete patio.


Vernon Hills, Il 60061 – Concrete – During

After removing all of the concrete and debris from this Vernon Hills area patio we smoothed out the underlaying dirt, built wooden support beams, and poured and spread gravel. We then installed wire mesh in order to properly prepare the area and to give the final concrete the amount of structure and support that it will need. The next step – the actual pouring of the concrete – is pictured in the photo above. We see that all of the old debris has been removed and the concrete patio area as well the surrounding areas have been cleared away and properly shaped and placed to position the new concrete that has just been poured. The fresh concrete has been smoothed and shaped and is in the process of drying and will soon be ready to serve this Vernon Hills area home.


Vernon Hills, Il 60061 – Concrete – After

This is the finalized concrete patio and walkway that we completed in the back of this Vernon Hills, Il area home. We see that all extraneous debris and supports have been removed and all of the concrete has been properly set, shaped, and dried. The final surface of the concrete is sprinkled with pebbles per our clients’ requests as both a stylistic and practical consideration which will improve traction and safety for our homeowners. This close-up is a great example of the level of quality that we are able to complete our concrete projects with. These Vernon Hill, Il area homeowners were very satisfied with their new concrete patio and this patio and walkway will be a great addition to this home for years to come.

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