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Riverwoods, Il Brick Repair Description

We have provided Riverwoods, Il home and business owners with our professional brick repair services since 1987. Brick repair work consists of removing cracked, broken, damaged, or crumbling bricks, stones, and mortar and installing new materials in order to repair a deteriorating area on a home or building. The new materials are usually installed to match the previous or surrounding area but we can always make changes based on our clients’ requests. Due to their attractive natural appearance and their functional strength and durability bricks are popular building materials and are found on many buildings in Riverwoods, Il 60015.

We have proudly offered our brick repair and installation service to Riverwoods, Il for over 26 years. In order for bricks, stone, and mortar to be correctly maintained all installations and repairs should be made only by properly qualified and experienced professionals. Our brick repair and installation specialists have years of professional experience completing brick repair projects in Riverwoods, Il and the surrounding areas. Our extensive expertise allows us to always offer the highest level of quality workmanship and customer service on all of our Riverwoods, Il brick repair projects.

Further information regarding our brick repair service can be viewed on our general brick repair page. For customer references, reviews, and all other information and questions you can contact directly by phone at 847 482-1800 or by email at 

Riverwoods, Il Brick Repair General Information

  • We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured to perform brick repair work in Riverwoods, Il.

  • We can handle and manage necessary permits for brick repair work in Riverwoods, Il.

  • We have many strong brick repair references from Riverwoods, Il and the surrounding North Shore area.

  • Most Riverwoods brick repair projects require only one to two days to complete depending on the project.
  • We our Riverwoods brick repair projects promptly and professionally without disrupting our clients or their neighbors.


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We are available each day to prepare free estimates on all Riverwoods, Il brick repair projects. We also provide “instant-quotes” online if you email us photos of your work along with a description.

To schedule a free brick repair project estimate in Riverwoods, Il:

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Riverwoods, Il Brick Repair Photos


Riverwoods, Il 60015 Brick Repair – Before

This is a large brick repair project that we completed on a home in the Riverwoods, Il 60015 area as part of a much larger renovation project. The entire front of this home was getting a face-lift, including the brickwork, which needed to be completely repaired and rebuilt. Our brick repair would not only be replacing old and damaged bricks, but it would also have to incorporate a completely new layout for the windows and doors on the front of this home. At this point we are removing all of the existing bricks down to the insulation level of the house in order to be able to later complete our repairs. We can see that while we are completing our brick repair we are also working on other sections of the house. In addition to all of our brick repair and exterior services we also offer full interior and renovation services in Riverwoods, Il 60015.


Riverwoods, Il 60015 Brick Repair – After

This is our Riverwoods, Il area brick repair project after we have completed all of our brick repair and renovation work. We can see that the side of the front of this home has been completely changed with 2 new windows and a large new doorway. We can see the completely new brickwork as well thanks to our professional brick repair efforts. The bricks have been installed properly and correctly and we see that there is no damage and that all of the doors and windows fit perfectly into the brick areas that we have provided. Our brick repair project was expertly coordinated with our renovations and now this home has a great new look and structural strength. This Riverwoods brick repair project was a huge success and the homeowners were very pleased with our efforts and results.


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