Thin brick veneer installation is one style trend that is gaining popularity. A thin brick veneer gives the real brick a premium appearance. Even yet, it may be purchased and installed for less money than actual brick and is thinner. It is a simpler method to improve the appearance of your house. These days, thin brick veneer is a common option for both interior and exterior applications. While there are numerous brick-like coverings available today, thin brick veneer offers the advantages of real brick at a significantly lower price.

So, let’s examine the advantages of thin brick veneers in more detail, as well as the specifics of the installation procedure.

Other Brick-Like Coverings vs. Thin Brick Veneer

If you are aware of the many brick-covering alternatives, you probably already know that some of the selections from earlier times have ranged from nice to terrible. Remember the old faux brick paneling and wallpaper from way back? Positively awful! One of the primary contrasts with contemporary thin brick veneer is that. Additionally, it provides true brick beauty without the mass.

What additional advantages come with this contemporary decision? Thin brick veneers are more durable than other coverings for the consumer. They also offer soundproofing similar to that of a brick. Thin brick veneer, while being thinner than true brick, also has fire-resistant properties.

Additionally, this brick product’s rich texture makes it a great option for enhancing the wall’s appearance. Even better, it functions well for walls that cannot hold the weight of genuine bricks. Thin brick veneer is a better alternative than the majority of other options when properly installed.

The Value of Installing Thin Brick Veneer Correctly

The ease of installation is one of the main benefits of thin brick veneer. This product comes in sheets of several bricks, similar to some forms of tile. This makes installation quick and simple. As you would with traditional bricks, forget about measuring and aligning each brick.  With this product, we can install substantial portions of your wall covering at once and see a significant change in just a few hours.

A taught technique, bricklaying takes years to perfect. It takes practice to correctly stack and link bricks using cement. Thin brick installation over concrete avoids the mess and error-prone nature of regular brick. However, for the outcomes you seek, competent installation is still essential. An amateur can botch this project poorly, generating the following problems:

  • Sections could become displaced or even come loose.
  • Areas may eventually sag.
  • The veneer will look terrible if it is not properly aligned.
  • Any product warranty could be voided by improper installation.

Locate a Reputable Installer, such as Delta Masonry & Tuckpointing

Don’t skimp on the installation of your thin brick veneer. A skilled and knowledgeable mason will assist in maintaining the value of your veneer and assisting you in achieving the stunning appearance you desire. Also, keep in mind that you are making investments to enhance your home’s appearance. Why take a chance with a shoddy installation for that upgrade?

Therefore, get in touch with Delta Masonry & Tuckpointing to install your thin brick veneer. Real masons with competence in a range of thin brick installation systems are available at Delta Masonry & Tuckpointing. Additionally, we strive to execute every project to your entire satisfaction.