In its simplest terms, tuckpointing in Chicago is when mortar joints are filled in with new mortar. This is not always done by tuckpointing contractors in Chicago for damage maintenance, unlike repointing. Oftentimes, tuckpointing can be an entirely aesthetic procedure. Where color is a concern, there are two colors involved when filling in mortar joints. The first color is meant to match the brick while the second color makes the mortar joint itself look good. In combination, the two colors make for a thin, fine line in the mortar joints, rather than thick and obtrusive. Our tuckpointing contractors in Chicago can be trusted to expertly renew your brickworks.

Repointing is essentially masonry repair. This masonry repair in Chicago will help fix damaged, cracked, or crumbling mortar joints by digging out and refilling the mortar. This must be done carefully by experts in masonry restoration in Chicago, as the mortar is critical to the structural integrity of the masonry itself. A repointing can help to avoid potential problems as they are spotted so that there is no collapse or further expensive repairs in the future. Call the experts for the finest in repointing and tuckpointing in Chicago, as prevention is important.

Tuckpointing is usually used in conjunction with the repointing process. While it is not absolutely necessary to sandwich two colors into mortar joint repairs through tuckpointing in Chicago, it is quite common to include the process as a part of repointing to complete the project with an aesthetically pleasing result.
Our experienced team tuckpointing contractors in Chicago can repoint your masonry using the most up-to-date tuckpointing techniques. With tuckpointing as a way to repoint your masonry work in Chicago, we can handle any masonry repair which can also improve the structural strength and the visual integrity of your masonry overall. When you find damaged mortar, you believe you may need brick repair in Chicago, or you have concerns over your masonry, get it checked by our professionals. Masonry repair in Chicago today can save you major problems tomorrow.