Masons and Masonry

One of the most important aspects of the construction of a building is the laying of the first stone, since that determines the direction and measurements that are going to be made to the building until it is fully completed. The same can be said of the Masons who installed it, since they are the ones who have founded a large part of the infrastructures that are still standing today.

Masonry Today
Masonry are structures made from individual blocks and held together with mortar or cement. Generally speaking, this structure takes longer to build compared to others, because they use much stronger and more durable materials such as bricks, stones and cement. One of the advantages of masonry is that it is able to withstand the elements of nature, especially wind and humidity, unlike other materials.
Other advantages that masonry has is that it reduces outside noise and improves energy efficiency within the infrastructure in terms of temperature. Masonry can be used for load bearing walls, reinforced walls, composites, hollow or for external aesthetic purposes. It can also be used for chimneys and perimeter walls.

When Things Go Wrong
While bricks or blocks are resistant to the test of time, the same cannot be said for the mortar or cement that holds them together. When this happens, it is very important to perform a masonry repair, since if it is not attended to as soon as possible, the structure can become a hazard to the physical integrity of people. However, because a repair can sometimes be expensive, you can opt for tuckpointing procedures.

Tuckpointing is a technique that consists of replacing the old mortar with a newer one, all in order to restore the brickwork and masonry of the infrastructure. The mortar is removed using a grinder and replaced by a new one, which must match the color used by the previous one; this in order to give the structure a more refined and new appearance. Tuckpointing can be performed in very small areas, as well as very large ones, and at a much cheaper cost than a complete replacement.
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