Sign of that your bricks require Tuckpointing

There are several signs that are easy to spot if you pay attention to your masonry or brick
structures to identify when tuckpointing service is needed. Our masonry contractors
experts are your best local solution to your needs. Let’s review some of these signs so you can be aware of when you require our tuckpointing services in Chicago.

Inspect your brick structure mortar

Take a look around your property’s mortar. If you notice any cracking or crumbling mortar,
you definitely need tuckpointing services. Also, if there are any holes in your mortar, you should call us immediately.

Using a Power Washer for Chicago Masonry Tuckpointing

A power washer will help you clean the structure surface and after it is clean, a complete
and detailed inspection that observes if there is any sign of decay. Also if you scratch the
surface and you see any sign of debris, it is a sign there’;s a problem with your structure.
It’s better to act as soon as possible to guarantee there’;s no bigger problem with your brick

Moving into a new house with Masonry Tuckpointing

If you don’t know when was the last time your new house got tuckpointing service done,
we recommend you seek out one of our professional inspections; it’s always better to be
safe than sorry.

How to recognize problems with you Masonry Tuckpointing that can become a real hazard

Your property needs the right maintenance in order to avoid any possible hazards that can
affect your family. That is why we recommend you should schedule our expert services at
least once a year so you can enjoy your house without any concern. When your mortar is
weak, moisture can find its way in and cause severe damage to the inside of your walls,
compromising the whole structure. Mold spores or elevated humidity and musty smells are
definitely a sign of a problem. Also, if you notice any water leaking in your basement or
from any wall, you must request our professional’s help. Sometimes there are small holes
that are unnoticed and can be the cause of a major accident.

If you need to schedule a masonry inspection or tuckpointing services, don’t hesitate to
contact us. We are the best masonry contractors in Chicago and our team is ready to
answer all of your questions.